Sunday, April 20, 2014

What problem should note for pregnancy?

If you want to have a perfect baby, pregnancy can do full time, before pregnancy for ten months should start to prepare! At all stages of pregnancy to prepare, parents should pay attention to what issues?
Pregnancy is divided into many stage, each stage should pay attention to what issues?
Phase 1:10-7 months before childbirth
1, adjust the way of life
Expectant fathers, mothers to give up smoking prohibition in the first place.
Alcohol are toxic to the male reproductive system, make abnormal sperm; Mother likes to drink coffee, also want to limit the amount within one drink per day, as for the cola beverages such as let it disappear completely from the diet, take the generation of fresh fruit or vegetable juice; In addition, the expectant father is best not to leave, even if it's lips up and down, don't let go, because the beard will adsorption of dust and pollutants in the air, enter the body through breathing, undermine the "produce sperm" internal environment, can also kiss with his wife, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms easily transmitted to his wife.
2, comprehensive check-up
Do physical examination before childbirth, assess their own health, is to maintain women's reproductive health, cultivate healthy baby is the most basic action, you can go to a hospital "family planning" or gynaecologist, toward the doctor mentioned what, they guide you accordingly, please check. Disease is found, should be treated as soon as possible, in order to avoid taking drug adverse influence on pregnant in the future.
3, inspecting and measuring temperature, semen
The basal body temperature is the woman in the early morning get up when the temperature has not yet been activity, from menstruation to this period of time before ovulation, the body temperature is lower. When begin to ovulation, temperature rise sharply, mucus secreted exuberant, that is a good time to conception. For several months of record, can detect the stability of ovulation. In addition, let her husband to go to the hospital, with the help of the doctor, to collect semen samples, analysis of the number of sperm, mobility and energy, to judge whether there is enough, the high quality of sperm.
4, get along with pet care
Pets also do a physical examination, go to the hospital and check the toxoplasmosis antibody, such as positive, you can still put it at home. Just need to pay attention to, from now on you will go to a hospital checking pets at least once a month, in order to ensure absolutely safe.
5, stay away from unsafe environment
If work in exposure to chemicals, strong electromagnetic wave, etc., in preparing to conceive, be especially careful. Especially the expectant mothers in life should be as little as possible contact with hair dye; More than eight hours or more a day of computer operation is not healthy; Should leave once every 3 hours in the office air conditioning environment, penetrating through the fresh air outside.
Stage 2:6 to 4 months before childbirth
1, the actuarial oviposit day
In order to improve the conception rate, to calculate oviposit day. Is menstruating day plus 15 days, if the normal menstrual cycle is not accurate enough, can also according to expect the next menstrual cramps forward 14 days from the date of the method to calculate.
2, select pregnant time
Experts generally believe that childbirth is scientific conception, may in August. Early autumn, the weather is cool, all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, and plenty of meat, fish, eggs, milk products, timely and reserve a variety of nutritional intake for women have created favorable conditions. Wait until the winter season, expectant mothers has been safely through the most easily infected sensitive period of fetus, giving birth, heat is cool is suitable in the late spring and early summer to avoid the treasure treasure born born prickly heat because of the hot weather, also is advantageous to the new mother's diet and physical recovery.
3, with the dentist "date"
Teeth have a particularly important impact on pregnancy, especially when your teeth has a problem such as dental caries, originally should be repaired in a timely manner. Because the entire pregnancy, mothers are unfavorable to visit dental, X-ray examination, anesthetics and analgesics, and so on will be adverse to the fetus. So should do before oral health, wash a tooth, ensure the dental health, so as to avoid future trouble.

4, began to have regular exercise

In at least one month or more regular exercise before getting pregnant, and can promote the reasonable allocation of the female hormone; Fertilization, female hormone balance, to ensure smooth and fertilized egg implantation, and promote the growth of fetus and baby to strengthen the flexibility of the body, avoid early pregnancy abortion; Can significantly reduce the difficulty of childbirth and pain. Running in the morning, yoga, swimming, and other forms of exercise are good options, even jogging and walking every day helps improve physical fitness. Sport can not require strength, but should notice to stick to it.

5, good dietary habit

Different foods contain different nutrients, content, also should try to eat some, not partial eclipse, a good dietary habit, can make sure yourself and your baby are healthy in the future.
Might as well the preferred some contain high quality protein in food legumes, eggs, lean meat and fish, etc.; Followed by food containing iodine, such as laver, jellyfish. Foods containing zinc, copper, chicken, beef, mutton, and help iron food sesame, pork liver, celery and so on should also be increased in the diet to obtain; In addition, plenty of vitamins are also cannot be ignored, such as fresh fruits and vegetables is the source of natural vitamin; Especially can reduce fetal brain son, neural tube defects such as spina bifida folic acid, experts generally advise, expectant mothers to complement in advance. Can choose designed for pregnant women philharmonic d compound vitamin folic acid tablets, such as in the use of measuring and usage have more safety guarantee. If you weigh paranormal (underweight or overweight), so also can make the chance of pregnancy is reduced greatly. So, weight problems also need to start from the stage in a planned way to adjust.

6, change the way of contraception

Although new short-acting contraceptives to mother and accidental pregnancy fetal damage has been greatly reduced, some birth control pills also said immediately after the drug was stopped as planned pregnancy, but if you have intention to early birth, the doctor will advise you in advance for six months or so to stop using birth control pills, and use condoms and other physical contraception or natural family planning, etc.

Stage 3:3-1 month before childbirth

1, adjust the frequency of sex

In the planning stages of pregnancy, to the appropriate frequency of sex life. Fathers should by increasing the number of fitness, in order to ensure the quantity and quality of sperm.
2, considering the TORCH screening
This is a study of at least five possible intrauterine infection pathogens which cause serious damage to the fetal development and screening. Mainly to detect the mother rubella virus, cytomegalovirus, toxoplasma, such as herpes simplex virus antibody levels. According to the test results to estimate fetal intrauterine infection may occur and even deformity, the risk of dysplasia, maximum security birth of a healthy baby.
Four, the fourth stage: - one month before pregnancy
After a long preparation, the both sides of husband and wife's body was in a state of gave birth to the baby, now will be the final sprint. In this month, should as far as possible to relax the mood, give up everything "precautionary measures". In order to increase the "shooting", choose a winning night make love the most and a lovely and healthy baby "quasi" could be to settle in your uterus.