Sunday, April 20, 2014

What kind of breast is the most beautiful !

The beauty of the breast is a symbol of gonad function normal, human body health. Strong and handsome breast is based on the physical and mental health. Perfect breast health as the standard, only size moderate, uniform natural shape, round breasts attractive.

The summary of the clinical doctors after years, accumulated some basic ideas and perfect form of data. First of all, the perfect breast is plump, symmetry, flexible and resilient. Second should be the skin luster, white, pink nipple skin. The shape of the breast, look from the front, generally divided into the bowl, a half spherical and conical. For unmarried girls, in cone type, for beauty, married women with half a ball for us. Of course, in addition to the baseline of the given data, there are some other factors determine whether perfect form of the breast.

1. The appearance. It is generally believed hemispherical, conical breast shape is more ideal.

2. The areola. Areola size less than 2.5 cm in diameter, colour and lustre is ruddy pink is tender, has obvious dividing line with the breast skin. Nipple should be prominent, not invagination, 1/3 of the diameter of the size of areola.

3. Size. Formula: bust present height (cm). If less than or equal to 0.49 as the chest is too small, equal to 0.5 ~ 0.53 for the standard, is greater than or equal to 0.53 for beautiful, is greater than 0.6 for the chest is too big. For example, a young girl, height 167 cm, chest circumference if is 88 cm is perfect. If is 80 cm, it belongs to the relatively small breasts. Premise condition is, of course, your breasts not loose. In addition, if the distance between the two nipples to 20 centimeters, is more perfect.

I'll give you a simple scale. Have interest to test yourself, more than 74 points for the fitness standards.

1. Chest x 0.53 = height. For 30 points; Differ for 25 points within 1 cm; Within 2 cm of 20 points; More than 2 cm to 10 points behind;

2. Type: half spherical for 30 points; Cone type for 25 points; The disc type is 20 points; Droop type for 10 minutes;

3. Location: normal for 10 minutes; Too high for eight points; The high side for 5 minutes; Too low to 2 points;

4. The elastic: tight elastic for 10 minutes; More resilient to eight points; There are flexibility for 5 minutes; Relaxation is 2 points;

5. Appearance: normal for 10 minutes; Color abnormal for eight points; Scars, wrinkles, skin sag is 5 points; Sag, wrinkles, scar, color abnormal for two points.