Thursday, April 24, 2014

Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy for the prevention and treatment of recurrent colds

Summary: some children are always "cold", developed fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms, it may be recurrent respiratory tract infections. According to Chinese medicine, this is a child suffers, maladjustment, due to loss of spleen and invigorating games, free herbal therapeutic and conditioning.

In children with recurrent respiratory tract infection refers to weaker kids again and again over the long term occurrence of colds, fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other respiratory illnesses. General immunosuppression, malnutrition or deficiency of unreasonable and ill children easily repeated respiratory infections.

Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center internal medicine Associate Professor Yu Wei reminded parents that the prevention of recurrent respiratory infections in children, it is important to develop healthy living habits and personal hygiene to ensure adequate sleep, how to get outdoors, engage in physical exercise to tone. In addition, it is important to develop good eating habits, neither fussy nor a partial eclipse, diets to meat and mix supplement focuses on the everyday food of vitamins and minerals. Immunocompromised, sickly children, therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine could be considered for conditioning.

Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy in children with recurrent respiratory tract infections

1, eat more vitamin-rich foods. For the immune system, and has played a key role in vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, iron and other nutrients. Vitamin a promotes growth of epithelial, mucous membranes of the respiratory tract to be healthy, to relieve cough symptoms, prevention and treatment of asthma have some benefits of vitamin c can increase the body's resistance to promote the formation of antibodies in the body and increase the phagocytosis of Leukocyte vitamin d promotes calcium absorption, bone health.

Vitamin a-rich foods liver of animals, fish, seafood, etc. In addition, beta-carotene can be transformed into vitamin a in the body, beta-carotene-rich foods, such as spinach, carrots, leeks, canola and mustard.

Fruits rich in vitamin c, jujube, strawberry Kiwi, these fruits can be pressed into juice and eat.

Vitamin d-rich foods include fish, liver, egg yolk, and lean meat. In addition, also let your child often sun-UV can be converted into vitamin d in the body.

Zinc-rich foods include oysters, squid, red meat, eggs, and so on.

Iron-rich foods include red meat, liver, egg yolks, chicken livers, and so on.

2, eating high protein foods. Available in milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products of high biological value proteins, to supplement the consumption of protein catabolism, enhance immune function. Winter may be appropriate to have some hot meat such as lamb, beef, meat, making it up to the warming and invigorating effect.

3, eat a lung, and invigorating the spleen, tonifying the kidney, invigorating Qi, cough-relief, expectorant effect of food. Loquat, Chinese date, Lily, Orange, passion fruit, walnut, white mushrooms, yams, semen coicis, honey, such as pigs, cattle and sheep lungs. These foods both to the body and contribute to symptom relief, conditional regular consumption.

TCM for prevention and treatment of infantile recurrent respiratory tract infection diet

Magnolia flower pot egg: Magnolia flower 9 g, eggs 2 PCs. First egg pieces into the boiling water and boil for a minute, and then join Magnolia flowers and cook for 2-3 minutes. Eating eggs and soup, sweet and salty arbitrary. Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis is valid.

Euryale ferox salisb Lotus medlar lean burn: Lotus meat 50 g, Gorgon, 50 grams, 50 grams of Fructus lycii, pork 200 g, add water little regular soup, salt seasoning, accompanied, for Qi-Yin xuzheng.

Yam eight precious ingredients gruel: yams, fried Huangqi, dangshen, passion fruit, malt, Poria, Coix 10G, jujube (nuclear) 5, rice 100g, add boiled porridge, to let any of astragalus and codonopsis pilosula, add sugar amount.

Radish porridge: daikon 200g (cut into small pieces), pinellia 6g, Fuling, atractylodes, Orange 10G, water 1 hour, juice extracting 1000ml, plus rice 100g, gruel, white sugar amount, 1 times per day. Spleen to eliminate damp and phlegm under, negative width.

Lily peanut porridge: 20 grams of lily, bubble expanding; shelled peanuts 30 g, cooked with skin and 60-80 grams of water with glutinous rice porridge. Jiyong iron, enamel pan or Casserole to cook better, eat 1-2 a small bowl on a daily basis, any of the sweet and salty.