Monday, April 14, 2014

The importance of newborn hearing screening

Child's ears and eyes , nose , tongue, skin is the body as an important sensory organ , language function is intact and child development, mental development and social skills development are closely related. After children acquire language can be expressed through language needs , emotional ; through language can facilitate learning and thinking ; conduct social interaction through language ; behavior can be controlled by the language . Many of the factors that may affect the baby's language development , but children with normal hearing is the most critical foundation of language development . Child's language development is repeatedly hear the sound from the ear ( locale ) , the gradual process with their own voice to express meaning . Children born to have a good language environment, but children do not have good hearing innate , still can not get language skills. Of course , there is no hearing good language environment , it is impossible to get the language of India " wolf child " is a good example .
According to the study reported that normal production ratio of about 1-3% of newborn infants with hearing impairment , hearing impairment exists if the child 's risk factors , hearing damage occurs even higher . Before the child is discharged newborn hearing screening , newborn hearing damage found through timely diagnosis. Timely interventions can reduce manual given due hearing impaired language development in children harm , prevent congenital deaf children , in this sense in a timely manner after birth for hearing screening is necessary .
Hearing screening is a very simple check , only child in a quiet environment, the screening instrument ear gently on the child's ear canal for testing, time is generally just a few minutes , no pain , no damage .
Therefore, we hope that the majority of mothers in childbirth before hospital discharge , the hospital must meet to do a new born child hearing screening . If you suspect must go to a higher level hospital diagnosed and take appropriate interventions to reduce the incidence of congenital deaf children .