Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sperm and eggs have defects can cause oaf

How to avoid the fetal abnormalities

This problem is very big, this is a world-class problem, but it is difficult to imagine is from every little bit of solution.

A child is born, the most basic is the sperm and egg. This is the basis of the fertilized embryos that forms after the child, when sperm and egg flawed embryos can be a problem, often is the issue of chromosome, severe chromosome abnormalities in early pregnancy can cause fetal development stops and spontaneous abortion, this is the instinct of human evolution, but down like 21 - three body type will continue to develop, so when she was 15 ~ 20 weeks pregnant whether we should I screening for fetal chromosomal abnormalities.

Why have deformed sperm and eggs? In fact we are now living environment than our ancestors living conditions, pesticide, chemical fertilizer, food additives, preservatives, hormones, such as X-ray, electromagnetic radiation, etc, can make sperm and egg varying degrees of damage. We the fast pace of life, work pressure, not the normal way of life, are not our sperm and eggs. Men and women of pregnancy by X ray irradiation 21 - three body appear easily after pregnancy syndrome of children.

When we 2 weeks of pregnancy, many prospective fathers as well as mothers also don't know when the fetus has began to rapid development, at this moment if take medicine, a cold, living in the newly decorated room, feeding, like cats and dogs can cause abnormal embryonic development.

When we know after pregnancy, 5 ~ 10 weeks after the last menstrual period (3 ~ 8 weeks after conception) is the fastest child development period, formed from the start the brain, spinal cord and nervous system, heart has started beating, to 10 weeks, 8 weeks after conception organ is a perfect man, later day is gradually perfect the various tissues and organs, so that when the baby was born to survive. So we have to avoid many adverse factors, so that the development of fetus was perfected.

When couples without contraception, we must think about be pregnant, next time before menstruation come not to take medicine, don't hurt to examine, avoid activities which are bad for children. If drink, stay up late for a long time, have a cold, just contact with radiation, you must have a good birth control pills for a long time, etc. The birth of a child, is our life of happiness, and must be seriously responsibly.

During the festival, a lot of husband and wife to be reunited, and be sure to pay attention to want children to create a healthy birth to the child's environment, less to stay up late, to eat less junk food, feel better. Don't want to have children is serious birth control, we are responsible for the child's life, more responsible for the rest of his life.

Why hemolysis will happen?

The type of human blood according to blood type. General international English letters to indicate the ABO blood group system have A, B, and AB O four blood types. The difference lies in their different antigens on red blood cell contains. For example, have A red blood cell antigen for type A, A, B two antigens were for AB blood, A and B antigens are not for type O blood, but to the people of type A blood serum containing natural B antibodies, type B blood serum have A body resistance, AB are not ordinary human serum antibody, and type O people have A and B antibody in serum. Due to mixed antigen and corresponding antibody happens agglutination, red blood cells are destroyed even dissolve and hemolysis, so must be strictly inspection at blood transfusion blood donor and recipients of blood, blood with input type, otherwise will cause serious consequences.