Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pregnancy should pay attention to create a healthy home nine details

For women of childbearing age to marry and have children, and create a healthy home is very important. Because, indoor environment pollution and not health, affects the vitality of sperm or eggs, leading to infertility, abortion or fetal abnormalities, or tire baby healthy growth and development. Therefore, to build a healthy household environment problem that nots allow to ignore, but there are a lot of knowledge, this should be paid attention to the following nine details...

1. 3 kinds of furniture not to buy it

* don't buy the price is low, kan especially easy to furniture, furniture such as treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them.

* strong pungent odour furniture not to buy, formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly.

* made of man-made board furniture, do not make all sealing side handle not to buy it.

2. The curtains and bedding to buy back the need to clean

* contains formaldehyde, so to buy back the curtain should be fully soaked in clean water, washed, in order to reduce the formaldehyde content in the residue on the fabric.

* some of the direct contact with the skin such as sheet, quilt cover textiles also contains formaldehyde inside, be sure to wash and dry in ventilated place after use.

Regular cleaning air conditioning. 3

* air-conditioning ventilation system is one of the main sources of indoor air pollution. Pay attention to the cleaning on a regular basis. In the fall of the year, when the weather turns cool, air conditioning, no longer use should be according to the instruction the strainer mesh, rinse several times after dry.

* if you use 3 years in a row, requires a professional, a professional cleaning maintenance of the system.

4. Pay attention to the various cleaning in the bathroom

* toilet is a lot of different bacteria, often should use disinfectant disinfection.

* suggest installation and use of trample or induction faucet, try to avoid direct contact with the place such as handles, buttons, prevent cross infection.

* toothbrushes, towels, place to stay away from the toilet.

* must cover the toilet flush.

* keep clear the rubbish in the bathroom.

5. Often clean cloth art sofa

* cloth art sofa fabric fiber more easily trapped dust and dirt, also easy to moisture absorption. If you don't often clean, cloth art sofa is likely to cause mould, mite, pollute bedroom environment.

* when choosing cloth art sofa, had better choose whatever pressure, rely on, squeeze or rebound quickly after release pressure and no pollution material of cloth art sofa.

* regular cleaning, best dust in addition to once a week. Flap with a dry towel first, remove the dust; With a wet towel to wipe cloth again, every year should also put the sofa cloth tear open come down to clean.

6. Don't ignore the kitchen health dead Angle

* chopsticks, chopsticks tube, chopping board, cutting board often with water, it is easier to breeding all sorts of bacteria.

* chopsticks with rag wipe dry, essence is the bacteria on the rag wipe on freshly washed dishes.

* chopsticks tube bottom often raised with stain, create conditions for bacteria breeding, chopsticks tube should be disinfected regularly.

* board, cutting board on raw food, disinfectant to clean. Raw and cooked food separately using a special cutting board, make a obvious mark.

7. Remove the noise factors

* take seal and double vacuum window, can be isolated from outside noise.

* home had better choose woodiness furniture, is a natural material to absorb the noise.

* using sound-absorbing board on the ceiling, can reduce the noise upstairs.

* when decorating, feed pipe in sound-absorbing dresses, reduce pipeline noise interference.

* add a floor mat for refrigerator base, reduce the noise produced by the refrigerator.

8. Often with a pillow

* summer human body sweat is much, combined with the air humidity is big, when sleeping pillow is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp and mildew.

* when the weather is sunny, it is better to put the pillow change or sun exposure. Life, if it is in the humid south pillow best every half moon exposure.

* if you use the rice bran, buckwheat skin pillow, such as the best replacement of fillers on a regular basis.

9. Avoid dishcloth cause cross contamination in the kitchen

* if a piece of rag wipe anywhere, is likely to cause cross contamination.

* home shall be for a few more rag, press clean place to distinguish. Had better choose different color cloth, so that it is not clean with fault.

* dishcloth after use with a disinfectant soaking and dry in the sun.