Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pregnancy must see: 12 parents doubt

Question 1: can myopia genetic?

High myopia is autosomal recessive hereditary disease, which is related to a pair of genes is the disease cause of myopia genetic disease. If only one of the genes are pathogenic, and another gene is normal, does not come on, just pathogenic gene carriers. For example, parents are not myopia, but they are all high myopia gene carriers, in them I do not show myopia, but if their virulence genes passed on to children, make the child to have two myopia genes, so that children become near-sighted.

So, if the parents are not myopic, but carry high myopia genes, the children born to their risk of developing high myopia 1/4, 1/2 for high myopia with gene carriers; If myopic patients with the combination of high myopia, the children born to their risk of developing high myopia 1/2, the other half is high myopia gene carriers, will also genes to the next generation; If the parents are highly myopic eyes, the child is born to high myopia.

When a party is high myopia, and high myopia (600 degrees or more), the children opportunities in more than 90% of the disease. If combined with myopia gene carriers, children may be half is high myopia, and with normal eyesight or moderate myopia, children myopia opportunity is 1/10. In the general population in our country, and about 1/5 are near-sighted gene carriers.

Question 2: a few times before pregnancy abortion in the early stages of pregnancy, when pregnant again, should do some preparation?

If a few times after pregnancy, unknown reason to occur in the early stages of pregnancy, miscarriage may be habitual abortion. Pregnant again before both sides of husband and wife should go to a hospital doing some detailed inspection, such as systemic disease examination, chromosome examination, gynecological examination, semen examination and determination of ovarian function, blood type fit, etc. After find out the reason, take targeted measures to treat, avoid pregnant again after the habitual abortion.

Question 3: if the husband found AoKang positive, whether should delay time of pregnancy?

A new study suggests that hepatitis b can result in communication between the father and the fetus. Hepatitis b virus is present in the sperm head of cytoplasm, can make the hepatitis b virus during sex sperm into the matrix, and have not been second liver disease infected eggs form a fertilized egg. Through the hepatitis b virus replication in the fertilized egg proliferation, cause fetal infection. If men were found infected before birth, it is better to delay motherhood, choose suitable opportunity again, in order to avoid aggravating illness.

Even after liver function returned to normal, and do not casually pregnancy, semen may still exist in the hepatitis b virus. Until illness cured and proved to is not contagious, and began to prepare for pregnancy.

Question 4: women with polycystic ovary, what should be done before treatment?

Polycystic ovarian syndrome causes complex, pathogenesis is not yet clear, there is no radical cure. Now mainly endocrine therapy, laparoscopic surgery, in order to promote ovarian ovulation and fertility, adjusting menstruation, prevent endometrial hyperplasia. In the treatment, must pay attention to the combination of different patients conditions for continuous observation, thus adopt different treatment options.

Question 5: when trying to conceive, husband drug use will have an impact on the fetus?

Some drugs have a lot of damage effect on sperm, such as morphine, chlorpromazine, erythromycin, rifampicin, antipyretic analgesics, ciprofloxacin, ketone health zun, once pregnant affect the quality of the fertilized egg. Research shows that part of the cause of infertility and habitual abortion is caused by impaired sperm.

In addition, containing drugs during sex sperm into the vagina, the vagina mucosa absorbed into the blood circulation of the female, damage to the fertilized egg, lead to freak and increased risk of low birth weight. Husband and wife should, therefore, may become pregnant before 3 months should be careful with drugs.

Question 6: I heard that the formation of a child's sex is associated with ovulation time, is that right?

There are some related gender formation and ovulation time.

X and Y sperm vitality is not the same. Y sperm than X sperm small volume, strong vitality, fast swimming in the female genital tract. According to the characteristics of research experts speculate that the general excrete eggs near the end of the cervical mucus to alkaline, this kind of environment is not only conducive to Y sperm survival, but also can increase Y sperm swimming speed is fast. If at this time in sex, easy to increase the risk of boys. Away from the palace neck mucus towards acid when oviposit period, is not conducive to Y sperm, the sperm in female reproductive tract of longer wait for eggs, at this time in the sex increases the chances of girls easily.

Question 7: if you have appendagitis, pregnancy should be how to treat?

Ovarian or tubal inflammation, easy to cause the lumen partial or complete, thus affect sperm and egg combine, or affect the fertilized egg run in the direction of the uterus. If the lesion is on both sides, easy to cause infertility patients. Once the disease will be active treatment, timely control the condition development, avoid tubal adhesion. If fallopian tube has at all, you can through the role of the dredge endoscopic make lumen to open.

Question 8: there was a neonatal hemolysis, and what measures should be taken before pregnant again?

Maternal blood group incompatibility, for ABO blood group system, occurs when the mother is type "O" blood and newborns for type "A". Women with type O blood men outside, blood will develop antibodies. These antibodies through the placenta into the fetal blood circulation, can destroy the fetal red blood cells, causing hemolysis occurred after birth.

For the Rh blood group, if a woman is Rh negative blood type, combine with Rh positive male epigenetic out a Rh positive for the fetus, may occur early abortion, stillbirth or neonatal hemolysis. Husband and wife had better go to a hospital survey type before childbirth, especially in the past happened in unexplained abortion, stillbirth, and neonatal severe jaundice, and so on and so forth. If blood group incompatibility, husband and wife can make necessary inspection before trying to conceive and treatment.

Question 9: vaginal there is always a little bleeding after intercourse, this kind of circumstance can be pregnant?

If after intercourse vaginal bleeding, may be related to improper sexual intercourse posture or position vagina damage, lead to vaginal bleeding, or there is a certain disease, reproductive organs such as vaginitis, severe cervical mi rotten or polyps. Best before trying to conceive, therefore, went to the hospital to do some related inspection, find out the cause of vaginal bleeding, active treatment, to be in remission or cured after considering pregnancy. Or after pregnancy will affect the female body health and normal growth and development of the fetus.

Question 10: the pesticides on fruits and vegetables, if it is not clear what is the effect of clean of a fertilized egg?

Residues of pesticides in vegetables and fruits, if not clean, to eat into the human body will change after the internal environment of the body, causing genetic mutation, sperm or eggs. Therefore, if conditional, in preparation for pregnancy can choose and pollution-free vegetables and fruits.

If the condition of less than, to peel fruits or vegetables when eating as far as possible, don't peel the vegetables and fruit is a good idea to put in water for 20-30 minutes, can dissolve pesticide, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly, and suitable for consumption.

Question 11: - conceive and bear a son, and will give birth to healthy children?

Unhealthy children born to older mothers increase risk, but not necessarily is not normal. And senile birth by the mother and fetus, but due to various reasons - when, nor spirit is too tight, this will make bad effect increases. As long as do antenatal examination, pregnancy, according to the scientific method to guide life can prevent some bad results. Most people still can weather the pregnancy, childbirth safe and sound.

Question 12: if you want to be in oviposit period, how to judge oviposit period?

Can be judged by observing the change of the leucorrhea. Leucorrhoea is material consists of vaginal secretion of a small amount of mucus secretion. Because of the influence of estrogen, leucorrhea will change in a menstrual cycle. Along with the increase in estrogen after menstruation, mucus began to accumulate, the slime amount more before ovulation, and clear and transparent, quality thin like egg qing dynasty, the ductility increased, the thumb and index finger can mucus into a filament. According to the characteristics of slime, or will the vaginal opening of sticky fluid on the tension between the thumb and index finger, can infer roughly oviposit period.