Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pregnancy check was the biggest story of the three people

In new era, our attitudes as well. When you think to do detailed prenatal care is to do a good mother duty, this concept is OUT! Preparation of eugenics has early in pregnancy. Especially after the "check" from mandatory to voluntary, more and more families choose before the baby for a detailed check before childbirth.

Pregnancy checks, man!

Optimization of the baby is healthy is a perfect combination of sperm and egg. No good sperm, just mature eggs, which to delicate children? Check before childbirth, health awareness, man first!

Told patients:

Caused by the problem of male sterility of the phenomenon is more and more, so, don't want to blame the other half, must actively cooperate with the wife pregnant examination, give yourself a healthy certificate, to give his wife a rest assured.

In order to ensure the "seed" good, you can want to pay attention! Smoking drinking, sauna, wear tight pants, don't have to stay up late; Genital inflammation early treatment; Have a genetic history more timely to professional penetration hospital consultation, to "pure" play is just good.

Warm Tips: Mary eugenics, men's and women's duty. Pregnancy check is not only clear up your own "weapons", more should seek professional doctor "case" consultation, eliminate the expectant father blind area, do a "battle plan" of science.

Check before childbirth, mothers start early!

Child is the mother's life, and a good mother is the key to a healthy baby, but also the fundamental of child survival. Let children win at the starting line, starting from the pregnancy check!

Told prospective mother:

If because of various reasons miss one, don't miss the pregnancy check again. In line with the attitude of responsible to family responsible for, the offspring, should pull the expectant father together voluntarily to professional medical institutions for pregnancy check.

Pregnancy check all items before 3-6 months to finish. Home keep a pet or favourite close to pet mothers-to-be, must before three months to check whether infected with toxoplasma, in case the children deformity.

We hope that parents must the expectant mom dad are formulated a series of human pregnancy check package; Senior experts chief prosecutor, one-on-one on check-up report, let you more convenient and comfortable. (