Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mitigation measures 13 types of constipation in infants

For the baby, and total events in everyday life is inseparable from them: feeding, sleep, defecation. For this reason, infant baby if constipation, anxiety in parents associations. Effect of constipation on health of the baby should not be underestimated, if a child defecation within 48 hours, may be regarded as constipation. And constipation long, leading to anorexia, bloating or abdominal pain, dizziness, disturbed sleep, such as serious bleeding rectum/anal fissure occurs. Therefore, parents should make efforts to prevent constipation in children, but it also should pay attention to using the right method, otherwise not only fail to solve the problem, will also leave some misfortune.

First, why the baby is constipated

1, constipation in infants, mostly related to dairy nutrition disorders: in many dairy products, lack of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein (casein in milk, powdered milk) is more difficult to assimilate, excess calcium and will combine a solid manure. As for fat, much also can be combined with calcium in the intestinal lumen into SOAP. In addition, fat breaks down to form short-chain fatty acids, to the large intestine can reduce bowel stools had been there for long storage, the moisture is absorbed, leaving a dry manure.

2, insufficient food intake: this baby weight does not increase, constipation often accompanied by symptoms such as crying after eating.

3, indiscriminate drinking herbal teas: some parents think baby constipation is "fire", he kept baby to drink "herbal tea". But actually fed herbal tea instead of disrupting the baby's gastrointestinal function, affecting the baby's appetite and weakens baby's health.

4, abuse of Chinese medicine: some parents think baby constipation is caused by insufficient gas, dangshen, Chinese medicine to your baby such as Northern Qi "qi", resulting in babies up excitement, more difficult bowel movements.

5, baby's living conditions changed. For example, move, switched to a nanny. Lifestyle changes can make kids nervous or stress, which can lead to constipation. However, these are temporary constipation.

6, the baby becomes self: as your baby grows up, at age 1, when some children begin to have a sense of a new self, he (she) need to be separated from their mother and father went out, so much to parents asking them to do things to say "no". So, the baby started refusing to go to the bathroom, holding onto stools leads to constipation.

7, inadequate diets: baby eating too few, digestion and absorption of liquid residue after less, by reduction, thicken the stool. When there is insufficient amount of sugar in the milk of peristalsis is weak, stool dryness. Malnutrition caused by inadequate diet for a long period, reduce abdominal and intestinal muscles tension and even atrophy, contractile force weakened, form the evil circle, aggravated constipation.

8, inappropriate food composition: close to fecal and food ingredients. As food in the containing large protein, and carbon hydration property insufficient, intestinal bacteria group following made change, intestinal content fermentation process less, stool easy is alkali, dry; as food in the containing more of carbon hydration property, intestinal fermentation bacteria increased, fermentation role increased, produced acid more, stool easy is acid, number more and soft; as food into fat and carbon hydration property are high, is stool run Lee. Consuming large amounts of calcium casein, faeces containing insoluble calcium soaps and faeces increased, and constipation. Carbon hydrates in rice flour cereal flour foods prone to constipation. Pediatric partial eclipse, many children like to eat meat, eat or do not eat vegetables, diet with too little cellulose, are prone to constipation.

9, intestinal dysfunction: irregular life, and lack of training to poop in a timely manner, do not form a defecation reflex causes constipation very common. School-age children is often no stool habits early in the morning, where learning never keep bowel movements, holding the stool in class also contributed to common causes of constipation. Commonly used laxatives or enemas, lack of physical activity: malnutrition, rickets, hypercalcemia, Dermatomyositis, minor illnesses and congenital myasthenia gravis, due to bowel wall muscle weakness, dysfunction and constipation. Sympathetic nerve dysfunction, abdominal muscle weakness or paralysis often cause constipation. Taking certain drugs can reduce the intestinal peristalsis and constipation, such as anticholinergic drugs, antacids, certain anticonvulsants, diuretics, such as iron. 10, physical and physiological abnormality: anal fissure, anal stenosis, congenital megacolon, such as spina bifida or a tumor pressing on ponytail can cause constipation. Rectal examination should be performed, the lower spine and in check. And after some children with constipation, such as family history, may be genetic.

Second, how to relieve constipation in babies

1, baby constipation does have unusual reasons: such as anal inflammation, or solid manure or finger digging up cause anal fissure, anal pain when the infant bowel movements, long caused secondary to constipation, fecal blood appears on the surface. Addition to soften stools, should also change diapers, clean the anus to treat dermatitis.

2, after the birth of children with congenital megacolon poopy is not normal, sometimes for several days without bowel movement, sometimes pulling a lot of loose, bloating worse. Due to malnutrition, low oil, expansion of the abdomen common intestinal peristalsis. Diagnosis and treatment of this disease must promptly call the doctor.

3, moistening food: when the sucking infant constipation may be added Hua Chang foodstuff, such as orange juice, juice of jujube juice, cabbage, etc.

4, a food supplement: when constipation in infants during the weaning period, and can increase the food supplement, apart from highly nutritious eggs, red meat, liver and fish, but also add cellulose more fruits and vegetables, and congee, such as rape, cabbage, celery, and spinach, bananas, pears, etc.

5, open sailu: infants and young children for several days of unanswered, dried onto the stool, he should use Glycerin suppositories or open sailutong in children. Using glycerine with half of the liquid as long as you can, squeeze into to keep liquid in the intestines after a minimum of 3-15 minutes, softening manure liquids defecate. If squeezed into pull out immediately after, it would have been in vain.

6, some parents like to use finger manure, then be very careful, do not use the index finger, only with small fingers, also dipped in petroleum jelly lubricant, so as not to inadvertently make it bad the anal sphincter, causing fecal incontinence in the future, I guess.

7, honey: also use honey laxative. Honey must use cold water rushing against valid invalid lukewarm water, newborn, infants to drink cold water, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, although for catharsis, but can cause colic.

8, Bifidobacteria: useful in recent years to improve the intestinal microecology in infants to soften the stool, such as preparation of Bifidobacterium oral, some formula companies to bring such bacteria directly into the milk powder, which really makes it easy for infant bowel movements and prevent constipation.

9, whole grains: when a child is constipated, you can add some whole grains, such as standards, such as potato, maize, barley, fat food, cold water also contribute to preventive treatment of constipation. For babies over 4-5 months, can be adjusted a food supplement, it would be chopped, such as spinach, cabbage, Greens, Shepherd's purse, placed in rice porridge with boiled, make a variety of delicious dishes of porridge for babies to eat. In addition, food supplement containing large amounts of b vitamins to promote recovery of bowel, muscle tension, helps the laxative.

10, qingliangyou: preparing for a bottle of qingliangyou, preferably white, qingliangyou around the baby's belly button to wipe a thin layer (must not be more than, Oh, or baby's delicate skin is sick), and belly button that corresponds to the back and wipe the floor, a little massage, 1-2 hours like this, your baby will start farting slowly at your convenience. If you don't work, you can get two or three times.

11, time: not to change the unhealthy eating habits. Then change bowel habits and develop daily regular bowel.

12, attention: children bowel movements do not amuse kids when, in order to avoid distractions. If the above method is not relieved, can seek medical treatment, under the guidance of a doctor with some secondary measures of defecation, such as opening sailu, sustained a laxative. But not in children with long-term use of laxatives so as not to affect nutrient absorption.

13, encouraged: when 2~3sui baby holding onto stools than when on the toilet, you have to encourage him (her) to go to the bathroom in time. Can put a small washer on the toilet, his (her) to mat a small stool under your feet, so that he (she) feels comfortable to sit. And said, "it's OK, when do you want to poop, what time to go to the bathroom fine. "So your child's defiance would not extend indefinitely.