Monday, April 14, 2014

How to prevent neonatal gonococcal ophthalmia

In recent years, Nanjing Maternal and Child Health Hospital found several cases of neonatal gonococcal ophthalmia , after secretion culture confirmed the baby was suffering from acute gonorrhea conjunctivitis.
The risk of neonatal infection is generally during childbirth . The baby was delivered by mother's birth canal , this time, the baby 's mother may be infected with gonorrhea contaminated secretions . Once gonorrhea infection to the eye , it will cause acute purulent conjunctivitis. More in 2 to 4 days after birth, symptoms , and some symptoms seven days after birth . Performance of eyelid swelling, conjunctival flushing and there are plenty of thick secretions , not only cause severe conjunctivitis, if not treated in time , and soon even the eyes of corneal epithelial cells will be penetrated , causing ulceration or perforation , last a lifetime blindness.
Gonococcal conjunctivitis caused mainly due to their parents due to unclean or extramarital sex . Men infected with gonorrhea are often symptoms, urinary frequency , urgency, dysuria, urethral pus , often manifested gonococcal cervicitis after women were infected , purulent vaginal discharge , usually no genital itching, no pain, many women the symptoms are often unknown display , thus ignoring the treatment and become carriers. Prone to premature rupture of membranes , preterm birth after pregnancy , postpartum due to the decreased resistance prone to puerperal infection , pelvic inflammatory disease , severe cases can lead to sepsis.
"Heart of a new life ," Love Mom Tip : In order to prevent neonatal gonococcal ophthalmia , we must emphasize the importance of pre-marital checks . If it is found concentrated vaginal secretions , should go to a regular hospital to confirm the diagnosis of cervical secretion culture , thorough treatment , thereby reducing the risk of neonatal infection . If you find the newborn eye redness , thick secretions should visit as soon as possible .
Here also reminded : No person carrying or extramarital sex before marriage should be carefully thought, in order to avoid life-long regret and remorse .