Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cool the child with fever medication or physical?

  Xinqiao Hospital of third military medical University Zhang Yuping, Director of Pediatrics: normal fever, mostly caused by a viral infection in children. These moments don't have to eat antibiotics didn't need to take Chinese medicine. For General infection, usually short duration of fever for two or three days, four or five days longer. If there is no secondary infection, along with body temperature will return to normal. Fever, parents should keep for your child's environment temperature of 22-26 degrees. To ensure adequate time to rest, drink water. After the natural course, children will be better.

The child's temperature is higher than 38.5 degrees available some medicine for the fever. At this temperature, we advocate the physical cooling. Can body wash warm bath or warm water at home, bag as a pillow, helps cool it in cold water, alcohol sponge baths available at the hospital.