Monday, April 14, 2014

Beware of baby vitamin A deficiency

Maternal and Child Health , vice president Liu Harbin When your baby is suffering from dry eye, night blindness ; When your baby has stunted growth , expressed as height backward, prone to dental caries , the skin loses its luster , easy scaling, brittle nails break easily when ; especially your baby decreased immune function, easily repeated respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases and delayed healing time , you know that this could be caused by a lack of vitamin a do ? Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin , can prevent night blindness and vision loss , improve immunity , reduce the population of the respiratory system diseases and digestive system diseases, susceptibility to other functions. According to experts, 56 provinces and cities nationwide survey of children , our children with mild vitamin A deficiency is the country , the lack of rate of between 5-20 % , with age , vitamin A deficiency rate gradually decreased, and within six months baby is the focus of the crowd of vitamin A deficiency. Recent studies also show that even mild vitamin A deficiency , does not appear obvious clinical manifestations , will also affect the immune function of children, reducing child 's resistance to infection function, leading to respiratory and digestive infections increased morbidity and mortality. According to the Seventh Asian Institute of Nutrition on nutrition new concept in the 21st century show that vitamin A supplementation can not be ignored . Physicians , nutritionists warn modern : Beware of vitamin A deficiency ! So, give the child a year to detect vitamin A content . If you lack , under the guidance of a doctor in science vitamin A preparations , or therapeutic approaches to improve dietary adjustments vitamin A status , but does not cause vitamin A poisoning. Many foods rich in vitamin A , such as: animal liver , cod liver oil , egg yolks, dairy foods. Carotene -rich corn , sweet potatoes, beans, carrots, squash , canola, apricot, persimmon , oranges and other fruits and vegetables, eat more , they can be converted into vitamin A in the body.