Sunday, April 20, 2014

Before the pregnancy to prepare you to do so

Preparation before becoming pregnant have? In going to do a good job for the next generation of health for pregnant before becoming pregnant, can also take this opportunity to be recuperated well a woman's body, and all things in their own plans to carry out, master degree is high, organize in pregnancy is not exceptional also, this also is a issue for many couples, so before going to need to be ready to the following:
Before becoming pregnant should be with their nutritional status, in 3 ~ 12 months should pay attention to strengthen nutrition, to adjust the diet purposefully, improve the nutrients content is low in the body at ordinary times, all sorts of nutrition chicken can from vegetables, fruits, food, dairy products, lean meat, fish, eggs, beans in food intake.
Appropriate frequency of sex life before becoming pregnant, make the men in the seminal esicles of more high quality sperm storage, avoid exposure to pesticides and all kinds of harmful substances and radiation stronger electronic equipment, because this kind of harmful substances can infringe on the male body, easy to cause miscarriage opportunities increased after conception.
Pregnancy should pay attention to weight inspection, if the weight is too low, poor nutritional status, gives birth, low birth weight is easy to appear when overweight or obese, pregnancy complications such as hypertension, diabetes, and can lead to superior birth weight.
Standard weight calculation method is as follows: body mass index (BMI) = weight (kg)/height (m), 2 results between 18 to 24, is the standard.
Before the pregnancy preparation: keep normal life status
Pregnancy preparation needed to maintain a healthy body, good mental state, menstrual period, menstrual quantity and period are normal in appearance, the reproductive system inflammation, during this period, use condoms for birth control. For he was afraid to stop taking the pill or ring very ovulation and uterus membrane was damaged due to pregnancy, fetal dysplasia.
Women with diseases such as viral hepatitis, tuberculosis, dealing with the disease effectively, after thoroughly cure pregnancy may be considered.
After a long period of birth control pills, six months after the drug was stopped, and place the coil for ring more than 3 months after observation, no abnormal change to conceive.
All ready, can more be sure to complete a task, conception, because the relationship to the next generation of healthy development, so both husband and wife should cooperate well, especially the women are more should pay attention to some preparation work before pregnancy, conception in this way can we successfully.