Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby fever rubbing alcohol to cool, okay?

Baby fever, this is a common phenomenon, child fever, however, many mothers will not calm, even has a special phenomenon, called the "fever of anxiety disorders", set up for Mommy.

How to cool down after the baby fever? Can you feed immediately following the contaminated medicine? These problems not to mention, after the baby's fever, can physically cool rubbing alcohol to let some mums worry.

In yesterday's "Mommy, help" groups, there will be new Mommy referred to this issue, and some cool MOM says alcohol better, MOM says alcohol effects are too "GEI Li" rather than poor.

What alcohol can you? We've enlisted Chinese and Western medicine hospital Pediatrics chief physician Wang Yujun, Jiangsu Province.

Alcohol should not be used for allergies

"Physical cooling, baby with alcohol is not recommended, because the stimulus is too big. "Wang Yujun told reporters that the alcohol evaporates quickly, if you use it to wipe your baby's body, can cause skin fast relaxation and contraction, stimulation is too large for the baby; in addition, the delicate skin of babies, which stimulates skin irritation may result in the baby and even alcoholism.

Therefore, the physical cooling does not recommend the use of alcohol. Moms should do in the first place, is due to the baby's clothes and bedding, not excessive and thick, while pants loose, baby which is conducive to dissipation, avoid high heat is not refundable and should be maintained for air to circulate, do not close the window closed, though, don't let the kid and hair dryer, but don't let your child see the wind.

In addition, in the case of room temperature guarantee, rubbed can be implemented to baby baths, water evaporation helps to temperature drops, so that children feel cool, fever baby fever faster. But pay attention, not to cool down with cold water and wipe the body, small towel can soak it in cold water, on the forehead and occipital cold wet, replace once every 5-10 minutes.

Antipyretic pills taken 4 hours apart

Antipyretic drugs can take, and mummies are the most frequently asked questions.

Said Wang Yujun, antipyretic drugs generally in the child's temperature reached 38.5 ° c can be taken into account, this is to keep the child's temperature is too high, causing febrile seizures. If the temperature is too high, or used to have a history of febrile convulsion in children or 0.5-1 hours ahead of interim administration.

However, taking anti-fever medicine between each medication must be guaranteed, time interval can in more than 4-6, no medicines too frequently, as this may cause the child collapsed from exhaustion. At the same time, after taking antipyretic agents, sweating in children with regular, so care must be taken to give children time to add water, preferably water, ginger juice, dilute brine can also, also note that heat to the baby, change wet clothing, to avoid further harm.

"Some mothers will have to worry about, the baby took anti-fever medicine, 4 hours less than another high-temperature, what should I do? At this time MOM in conjunction with physical cooling on the one hand, on the other hand, if the baby taking antipyretic medication can temporarily take control of body temperature, body temperature soared soon, it does need to be alert to turn into pneumonia, which still have to look at the doctor 's. "Wang Yujun reminders.

Hot sleeping position is also particular about

Of course, baby fever is often just a symptom, there may be other issues, Nursing Moms must all keep up.

Wang Yujun said some babies at the time of heat, often accompanied by coughing, or stomach discomfort there is vomiting, then babies must be selected on your side leaning or bowed posture, which is conducive to promptly clean up the vomit to prevent aspiration.

Heat allows the weakened digestive function, resulting in baby's appetite, but the fever itself isn't big energy consumption, so to give digestible, nutritious diet, rice soup, gruel, noodles, steamed egg, milk, soy milk, oatmeal paste and so on. Often a mother asked, fever in babies can eat eggs, and here it must be said, there is no evidence that heat your baby can't eat eggs, on the contrary, if cooked properly, don't fry much cooking, ensure lightly flavored egg this protein-rich foods can provide the baby more energy.

At the same time, should give children with add moisture, may also be appropriate to eat some fruit, such as watermelon, adding water, sugars, and vitamins, and heat. Drinking water, eating and drinking small amounts several times, must not eat too much.

In addition, mothers are also to grasp the techniques of measuring body temperature to the baby. Temperature should be when a child is quiet, but don't stay in bed, and because after a meal or drinking water makes the slight rise in body temperature, temperature also changes baby crying, so after about 30 minutes after a meal before measuring temperature axillary table, anal or select table.