Thursday, April 24, 2014

Baby cough may be hidden asthma

  Recently, temperatures varied, hot and cold, a lot of kids coughing continuously, with a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs can't cure, which give parents much anxiety. Experts said the cough that do not heal, most of which belong to the cough variant asthma, this dry cough is the major symptom of asthma, but asthma symptoms are not obvious, especially easy to be mistaken for colds, bronchitis, and heavy use of antibiotics is not valid. In fact, this disease by bronchodilator test to a definitive diagnosis.

Chronic cough is often mistaken as "bronchitis"

In the Pediatric outpatient department, and have a 4 year old little child has been coughing. The boy's mother said, Xiao Bao intermittent cough for almost two years, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine, but not good for up to only half a month. At a local hospital, doctors are in accordance with the common cold, acute bronchitis treatment, is cured, the Guangzhou hospital for treatment.

The third affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical College attending physician Lin Lili said that children with carefully observed looking green cough now and then, but also likes to bite our nails, fidgety and irritable. From the perspective of children's medical records, drug babies is anti-inflammatory, detoxification drugs.

After detailed checking, Lin Lili finds that children with cough variant asthma. Lin Lili remind parents that when when the child coughs, to carefully observe the symptoms of children with, tell the doctor coughs in children with character, good time, and the concomitant symptoms, these "little things" more conducive to a doctor to avoid misdiagnosis.

Dry cough for more than a month, alert to asthma

So, when cough in children, to come to hospital for good? Lin Lili pointed out that children with flu symptoms improved, but is still coughing, would do well to take him to the hospital to check it again, confirm any other infection. In General, babies around the persistent cough, short of breath than usual much appeared out of breath after coughing and manifestation in children with irritability or bad temper, should be taken into account if the cough-variant asthma.

What is a cough variant asthma? Lin Lili said, this is a potential hidden asthma, dry cough are typical features, generally more than 1 month. Cough occurs most, before going to bed in the morning or middle of the night, the cough will also increase activity.

This cough and no apparent bacterial infection, treatment with antibiotics does not have any effect. This cough by bronchodilator test to clear diagnostic, clinically treated with hormones and asthma drugs. Therefore, for coughs in children with more than 1 month, moms don't inadvertently must find a clear diagnostic pediatric respiratory specialist.


Coughing during eating

Kids coughing during eating, in particular should avoid cold, greasy, foods such as seafood, sweet and sour, so as to avoid giving cough repeated or aggravated.

Bogey: cold food

Cough when eating cold foods or frozen drinks. According to Chinese medicine, "cold drinks cold injury lung", which means that once the body was cold, drinking cold, may be damage to human lungs, develop more serious, so time is not.

Two taboos: fat and sweet and houwei food

According to Chinese medicine, cough caused by lung-heat, especially in children. In the diet, eating more fat and sweet and houwei produces heat and increased cough and sputum viscosity, difficult to expectorate. For children with asthma, fresh choice food can lead to mutual knot of phlegm-heat, blocking the airway, aggravated asthma, make diseases difficult to cure. Fried foods will add to the burden of gastrointestinal and wet hot gas, the sputum, cough hard to heal.

Three taboos: seafood

Coughing after eating flavor food of children with cough increased, and smell stimuli related to respiratory and allergic to fish and shrimp for food protein