Sunday, April 20, 2014

After 30 pregnant really dangerous?

In the past, women in pregnancy till after age 30 are rare. In fact, this kind of situation in recent years there has been a great change. According to a census, married women until 30 years old still not pregnant, don't give up to children going to account for more than half. The influence of age for a woman's fertility without fatal...
Abortion, cesarean section, oaf, the deepest pain - year - old mother
More and more women appear like this:
Zhang Lin, 34 years old, after 3 months pregnant abortion;
Yang Ruihong, 36, miscarriage in 49 days;
Liu yan, 36, for the first time in two months pregnant abortion, seven months after miscarriage in 53 days again...
Some of obstetrics and gynecology doctors think, women establish family late age of 35. Because of age will increase the possibility of infertility. If a woman pregnant too late, you may encounter problems such as infertility and miscarriage. According to the statistical, about 10% of people in their twenties married women cannot be pregnant within a year; Women in their 30 s, the figure is 15%; Close to 40 years old women was 28%. If her husband has more than 40 years of age, pregnant will become more difficult, because a man's fertility after 40 has begun to decline.
Because women cervix is compared commonly is tenacious, palace mouth slowly open, natural production difficulties, so the cesarean section is more common in women. With the development of medical technology, a cesarean section has had the very big than before
The improved. Anesthesia method not only has expanded from the previous single general anesthesia to now combined anesthesia, the patient to reduce the pain, but also by the previous operation time 1 to 2 hours to a few minutes. In cesarean section, therefore, women don't need too much worry.
For women, the most terrible is the birth of a handicapped babies. Indeed, the mother's age will increase the risk of birth defects and can't survive. But fortunately, prenatal diagnosis technology is improving. Now, doctors have to 8 months before becoming pregnant timely find many congenital defect caused by genetic abnormalities. In some cases, can be timely treatment before birth or after birth.
Although delaying pregnancy isn't as dangerous as people imagine, but women to give birth to a healthy baby, must be more carefully than twenties of maternal care for themselves and their fetus. For now, later if you want to start a family, or later want to children, must pay attention to the health of the body, had better go to see a doctor obstetrics and gynecology, regularly so even if delaying pregnancy time, also don't have to worry about.
Some hot mama warmth: after 30 do six check before mother
Whether men or women, will grow with age and gradually reduce fertility, women in reproductive age ideal 25 to 30 years old, and entered the 35 - year again choose pregnancy, women pregnant chance has shrunk, and spontaneous abortion rate increase. Have, according to data of girls and women aged between 25 and 30 abortion rate was 15%, down from 40% after age 40.
The common rule out environmental factors causing miscarriage, nothing more than genetic factors, reproductive organs deformity or disease, infection, endocrine, immune factors and so on. It is recommended that, after 30 years of age going to be mother, it is better to do the following check:
Genetic: serologic examinations chromosomes, blood type, genetic analysis;
Genital areas: can do B to exceed to understand body of the uterus, cervical, ovarian, fallopian tube;
Infection: must do leucorrhea and blood tests, and to eliminate trichomonad, mold, HPV: mycoplasma, rubella virus, cytomegalovirus infection;
Endocrine aspects: can exsanguinate check thyroid function, blood glucose, and sex hormones;
Immunization: can exsanguinate check antisperm antibodies, lecithin, endometrial antibody, lupus factor, etc.;
Environmental aspect: can be used as detection of trace element or to the smell of environment for testing.
In addition, the Suggestions in preparing for the first three months of pregnancy to oral folic acid tablets, 0.4 mg per day, away from the tea, alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, etc., and keep proper exercise every day, at the same time also want to please her husband exercise together, improve the quality of the body in order to ensure the quality of sperm.