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More than parents of children hand foot and mouth foaming may wish to

In warm, humid weather, when viral activity. After entering April, Guangzhou peak of foot-and-mouth disease into the first of the year, has accumulated this year is more than more than 4,000 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center children's hospital visits in one day of 200 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. Infectious disease specialist noted that hand-foot-mouth disease is usually not serious, most children to rehabilitation in the 7-10 days, but encountered a child has hand, foot and mouth disease, rash, and persistent fever, mental deterioration, vomiting, sensitivity to jitter, jump, get cold, you should pay attention to, that is likely to be severe, should promptly seek medical advice.

A child what are the symptoms?

Viruses are everywhere, children suffering from foot and mouth disease virus had more than 20 kinds of enterovirus type 71 and Coxsackievirus A16 are most common. Parents will be carrying these viruses home, and close contact with children, this could make the children suffer from foot and mouth disease. In addition, the children go to crowded places, such as nurseries, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places, after exposure to these viruses, is particularly exposed to itself in children with hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes oral secretions fluid and contaminated toys, bottles, tableware and other items, and can even spread through respiratory droplets. So just a little lack of attention to hygiene, it is possible to let the children infected with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center said Xu Yi, Director of the infectious disease section, if the parents in the child's hand, the arch, anal, oral herpes and other parts found small red, painless; some children in oral Herpes part, affects a child's eating kids will also appear on the elbow, shoulder, knee and other parts of a rash. When these symptoms are found, suggested that parents take children to hospital immediately confirmed.

Xu Yi stressed that children suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease, may also have the next time. Adults rarely have hand, foot and mouth disease in General, and most of them are obtained through latent infection in the corresponding antibodies, but children are different, their immune system is not perfect, higher probability of infection. At present, have found more than 20 kinds of intestinal virus can cause hand, foot and mouth disease, a child over a period of time, there may be a lot of onset. In other words, only after a certain type of infection in children with viral immunity, no cross immunity against type virus infection, after that hand, foot and mouth disease may also be due to other types of viruses while having hand-foot-mouth disease again.

B sick what should I do?

Once parents find children suffering from foot and mouth disease, should be in isolation for at least 2 weeks. Generally not too serious as long as children with isolation at home resting, and the use of detoxification medicines, full recovery in 7-10 days, vesicles also does not leave a scar.

Xu Yi said that a small number of cases of children with development-oriented. Hand, foot and mouth cases of seriously ill patients with fat at the age of 5, in particular children under 3 years of age, within the first five days of the onset, persistent fever, no refund (over 38.5 ° c), vomiting, poor spirit, sensitivity to jump, cold extremities and other symptoms. These severe foot-and-mouth disease can cause encephalitis and meningoencephalitis, encephalomyelitis, leading to complications such as pulmonary edema, and should seek medical advice, through timely treatment, most children can still be recovered, will also reduce the chances of neurological sequelae.

Need tips to parents is that when children with home quarantine, parents should pay close attention to children with the condition, and to try to avoid contact with other children. Children's clothes can be washed in sun exposure, can kill the virus. And 56 ° c hot water can eliminate enteric viruses in half an hour, kids ' toys, glass bottles can be sterilized with boiling water.

C how should parents be prevented?

Hand, foot and mouth disease in children between infections. Xu Yi said that hand-foot-mouth disease primarily by the fecal-oral route infections, contact with oral secretions, the herpes fluid in children with severe constipation as well as contaminated toys, bottles, tableware and other items can be infected with hand, foot and mouth disease, even transmitted by respiratory droplets. Strong precisely because the contagious hand-foot-mouth disease, contagious various forms and spread quickly, causing a pandemic in a short time. Thus to the onset of the peak, in kindergarten kids not paying attention will fall.

At present, no effective drug treatment of hand-foot-mouth disease, there's no vaccine to prevent good health habits are important means of effective prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease. During a seasonal to parents note that these measures can help reduce the chance of their child suffering from foot and mouth disease –

(1) before meals back, going after young and old, to wash hands with SOAP or hand wash, do not allow children to drink water, eat cold foods, avoid contact with sick children;

(2) parents, nannies before contact with children, in particular to feed children in the former, for very young children should wash their hands after changing diapers, handling manure, and properly handle the dirt;

(3) the infants using baby bottles, pacifiers should be adequately cleaned before and after use; toys should be regularly cleaned, disinfected, and avoid the child be placed in the mouth to bite;

(4) hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic period should not be taking children to crowded public places, poor air circulation, pay attention to maintaining household sanitation, indoor ventilation often, regular clothes.

(5) parents may also be carriers of the virus (but no incidence in adults), so you should wash your hands before the baby.


Beginning in April is in full swing

In Guangzhou, throughout the year is not clear, most of the season is warm and humid, which greatly facilitates the growth and reproduction of the virus. Therefore, hand, foot and mouth disease in Guangzhou have become very common.

Xu Yi said, starting from 3 April, hand, foot and mouth disease into the first peak. Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center children's hospital visits in one day of 200 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, including diagnosis and referral of children with new. By July or August or September to the second peak, until November, you'll encounter a small peak. All told, almost half a year in Guangzhou are all at the high incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease. 9-October, due to the dry weather, ultraviolet light strongly, viruses are sensitive to ultraviolet, could soon be killing. Thus, when the weather is a lot of sunlight, the incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease will be reduced

Cool the child with fever medication or physical?

  Xinqiao Hospital of third military medical University Zhang Yuping, Director of Pediatrics: normal fever, mostly caused by a viral infection in children. These moments don't have to eat antibiotics didn't need to take Chinese medicine. For General infection, usually short duration of fever for two or three days, four or five days longer. If there is no secondary infection, along with body temperature will return to normal. Fever, parents should keep for your child's environment temperature of 22-26 degrees. To ensure adequate time to rest, drink water. After the natural course, children will be better.

The child's temperature is higher than 38.5 degrees available some medicine for the fever. At this temperature, we advocate the physical cooling. Can body wash warm bath or warm water at home, bag as a pillow, helps cool it in cold water, alcohol sponge baths available at the hospital.

Baby fever rubbing alcohol to cool, okay?

Baby fever, this is a common phenomenon, child fever, however, many mothers will not calm, even has a special phenomenon, called the "fever of anxiety disorders", set up for Mommy.

How to cool down after the baby fever? Can you feed immediately following the contaminated medicine? These problems not to mention, after the baby's fever, can physically cool rubbing alcohol to let some mums worry.

In yesterday's "Mommy, help" groups, there will be new Mommy referred to this issue, and some cool MOM says alcohol better, MOM says alcohol effects are too "GEI Li" rather than poor.

What alcohol can you? We've enlisted Chinese and Western medicine hospital Pediatrics chief physician Wang Yujun, Jiangsu Province.

Alcohol should not be used for allergies

"Physical cooling, baby with alcohol is not recommended, because the stimulus is too big. "Wang Yujun told reporters that the alcohol evaporates quickly, if you use it to wipe your baby's body, can cause skin fast relaxation and contraction, stimulation is too large for the baby; in addition, the delicate skin of babies, which stimulates skin irritation may result in the baby and even alcoholism.

Therefore, the physical cooling does not recommend the use of alcohol. Moms should do in the first place, is due to the baby's clothes and bedding, not excessive and thick, while pants loose, baby which is conducive to dissipation, avoid high heat is not refundable and should be maintained for air to circulate, do not close the window closed, though, don't let the kid and hair dryer, but don't let your child see the wind.

In addition, in the case of room temperature guarantee, rubbed can be implemented to baby baths, water evaporation helps to temperature drops, so that children feel cool, fever baby fever faster. But pay attention, not to cool down with cold water and wipe the body, small towel can soak it in cold water, on the forehead and occipital cold wet, replace once every 5-10 minutes.

Antipyretic pills taken 4 hours apart

Antipyretic drugs can take, and mummies are the most frequently asked questions.

Said Wang Yujun, antipyretic drugs generally in the child's temperature reached 38.5 ° c can be taken into account, this is to keep the child's temperature is too high, causing febrile seizures. If the temperature is too high, or used to have a history of febrile convulsion in children or 0.5-1 hours ahead of interim administration.

However, taking anti-fever medicine between each medication must be guaranteed, time interval can in more than 4-6, no medicines too frequently, as this may cause the child collapsed from exhaustion. At the same time, after taking antipyretic agents, sweating in children with regular, so care must be taken to give children time to add water, preferably water, ginger juice, dilute brine can also, also note that heat to the baby, change wet clothing, to avoid further harm.

"Some mothers will have to worry about, the baby took anti-fever medicine, 4 hours less than another high-temperature, what should I do? At this time MOM in conjunction with physical cooling on the one hand, on the other hand, if the baby taking antipyretic medication can temporarily take control of body temperature, body temperature soared soon, it does need to be alert to turn into pneumonia, which still have to look at the doctor 's. "Wang Yujun reminders.

Hot sleeping position is also particular about

Of course, baby fever is often just a symptom, there may be other issues, Nursing Moms must all keep up.

Wang Yujun said some babies at the time of heat, often accompanied by coughing, or stomach discomfort there is vomiting, then babies must be selected on your side leaning or bowed posture, which is conducive to promptly clean up the vomit to prevent aspiration.

Heat allows the weakened digestive function, resulting in baby's appetite, but the fever itself isn't big energy consumption, so to give digestible, nutritious diet, rice soup, gruel, noodles, steamed egg, milk, soy milk, oatmeal paste and so on. Often a mother asked, fever in babies can eat eggs, and here it must be said, there is no evidence that heat your baby can't eat eggs, on the contrary, if cooked properly, don't fry much cooking, ensure lightly flavored egg this protein-rich foods can provide the baby more energy.

At the same time, should give children with add moisture, may also be appropriate to eat some fruit, such as watermelon, adding water, sugars, and vitamins, and heat. Drinking water, eating and drinking small amounts several times, must not eat too much.

In addition, mothers are also to grasp the techniques of measuring body temperature to the baby. Temperature should be when a child is quiet, but don't stay in bed, and because after a meal or drinking water makes the slight rise in body temperature, temperature also changes baby crying, so after about 30 minutes after a meal before measuring temperature axillary table, anal or select table.

How to find potential in children with asthma

Asthma has the diversity and complexity of the features, which makes many children early on in an asthma incident had not been diagnosed or misdiagnosed, delaying treatment, leads to recurrent attacks of illness and worse. Children with asthma are not characterized by asthma from day one, there is usually a period aura symptoms occur. Several pieces can be used as early warning signs of asthma in children:

1, repeatedly coughing for more than a month, mainly based on early morning and night-time cough, cough often irritating dry cough, phlegm is not much.

2 after eating, exercise, inhalation of cold air or cold susceptible to irritating dry cough.

3, recurrent chest tightness, cold or after you exercise.

4, some smell (odor, toilet cleaners, perfumes as decoration, shaped mousse) stimulation, sneeze, cough occurs.

5, seafood, certain tropical fruits, medicines allergies, or in infancy, characterized by eggs, milk intolerance (often characterized by crying, vomiting, diarrhea, severe recurrent eczema, weight increase).

6, frequent sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, nasal itching and other allergic rhinitis symptoms, usually to shrug, rubbing noses, dig up the nose.

7, there is a clear history of eczema.

8, has a history of familial allergies (need inquiry within three generations of relatives have allergic diseases).

9, increased eosinophils in peripheral blood.

Mitigation measures 13 types of constipation in infants

For the baby, and total events in everyday life is inseparable from them: feeding, sleep, defecation. For this reason, infant baby if constipation, anxiety in parents associations. Effect of constipation on health of the baby should not be underestimated, if a child defecation within 48 hours, may be regarded as constipation. And constipation long, leading to anorexia, bloating or abdominal pain, dizziness, disturbed sleep, such as serious bleeding rectum/anal fissure occurs. Therefore, parents should make efforts to prevent constipation in children, but it also should pay attention to using the right method, otherwise not only fail to solve the problem, will also leave some misfortune.

First, why the baby is constipated

1, constipation in infants, mostly related to dairy nutrition disorders: in many dairy products, lack of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Protein (casein in milk, powdered milk) is more difficult to assimilate, excess calcium and will combine a solid manure. As for fat, much also can be combined with calcium in the intestinal lumen into SOAP. In addition, fat breaks down to form short-chain fatty acids, to the large intestine can reduce bowel stools had been there for long storage, the moisture is absorbed, leaving a dry manure.

2, insufficient food intake: this baby weight does not increase, constipation often accompanied by symptoms such as crying after eating.

3, indiscriminate drinking herbal teas: some parents think baby constipation is "fire", he kept baby to drink "herbal tea". But actually fed herbal tea instead of disrupting the baby's gastrointestinal function, affecting the baby's appetite and weakens baby's health.

4, abuse of Chinese medicine: some parents think baby constipation is caused by insufficient gas, dangshen, Chinese medicine to your baby such as Northern Qi "qi", resulting in babies up excitement, more difficult bowel movements.

5, baby's living conditions changed. For example, move, switched to a nanny. Lifestyle changes can make kids nervous or stress, which can lead to constipation. However, these are temporary constipation.

6, the baby becomes self: as your baby grows up, at age 1, when some children begin to have a sense of a new self, he (she) need to be separated from their mother and father went out, so much to parents asking them to do things to say "no". So, the baby started refusing to go to the bathroom, holding onto stools leads to constipation.

7, inadequate diets: baby eating too few, digestion and absorption of liquid residue after less, by reduction, thicken the stool. When there is insufficient amount of sugar in the milk of peristalsis is weak, stool dryness. Malnutrition caused by inadequate diet for a long period, reduce abdominal and intestinal muscles tension and even atrophy, contractile force weakened, form the evil circle, aggravated constipation.

8, inappropriate food composition: close to fecal and food ingredients. As food in the containing large protein, and carbon hydration property insufficient, intestinal bacteria group following made change, intestinal content fermentation process less, stool easy is alkali, dry; as food in the containing more of carbon hydration property, intestinal fermentation bacteria increased, fermentation role increased, produced acid more, stool easy is acid, number more and soft; as food into fat and carbon hydration property are high, is stool run Lee. Consuming large amounts of calcium casein, faeces containing insoluble calcium soaps and faeces increased, and constipation. Carbon hydrates in rice flour cereal flour foods prone to constipation. Pediatric partial eclipse, many children like to eat meat, eat or do not eat vegetables, diet with too little cellulose, are prone to constipation.

9, intestinal dysfunction: irregular life, and lack of training to poop in a timely manner, do not form a defecation reflex causes constipation very common. School-age children is often no stool habits early in the morning, where learning never keep bowel movements, holding the stool in class also contributed to common causes of constipation. Commonly used laxatives or enemas, lack of physical activity: malnutrition, rickets, hypercalcemia, Dermatomyositis, minor illnesses and congenital myasthenia gravis, due to bowel wall muscle weakness, dysfunction and constipation. Sympathetic nerve dysfunction, abdominal muscle weakness or paralysis often cause constipation. Taking certain drugs can reduce the intestinal peristalsis and constipation, such as anticholinergic drugs, antacids, certain anticonvulsants, diuretics, such as iron. 10, physical and physiological abnormality: anal fissure, anal stenosis, congenital megacolon, such as spina bifida or a tumor pressing on ponytail can cause constipation. Rectal examination should be performed, the lower spine and in check. And after some children with constipation, such as family history, may be genetic.

Second, how to relieve constipation in babies

1, baby constipation does have unusual reasons: such as anal inflammation, or solid manure or finger digging up cause anal fissure, anal pain when the infant bowel movements, long caused secondary to constipation, fecal blood appears on the surface. Addition to soften stools, should also change diapers, clean the anus to treat dermatitis.

2, after the birth of children with congenital megacolon poopy is not normal, sometimes for several days without bowel movement, sometimes pulling a lot of loose, bloating worse. Due to malnutrition, low oil, expansion of the abdomen common intestinal peristalsis. Diagnosis and treatment of this disease must promptly call the doctor.

3, moistening food: when the sucking infant constipation may be added Hua Chang foodstuff, such as orange juice, juice of jujube juice, cabbage, etc.

4, a food supplement: when constipation in infants during the weaning period, and can increase the food supplement, apart from highly nutritious eggs, red meat, liver and fish, but also add cellulose more fruits and vegetables, and congee, such as rape, cabbage, celery, and spinach, bananas, pears, etc.

5, open sailu: infants and young children for several days of unanswered, dried onto the stool, he should use Glycerin suppositories or open sailutong in children. Using glycerine with half of the liquid as long as you can, squeeze into to keep liquid in the intestines after a minimum of 3-15 minutes, softening manure liquids defecate. If squeezed into pull out immediately after, it would have been in vain.

6, some parents like to use finger manure, then be very careful, do not use the index finger, only with small fingers, also dipped in petroleum jelly lubricant, so as not to inadvertently make it bad the anal sphincter, causing fecal incontinence in the future, I guess.

7, honey: also use honey laxative. Honey must use cold water rushing against valid invalid lukewarm water, newborn, infants to drink cold water, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, although for catharsis, but can cause colic.

8, Bifidobacteria: useful in recent years to improve the intestinal microecology in infants to soften the stool, such as preparation of Bifidobacterium oral, some formula companies to bring such bacteria directly into the milk powder, which really makes it easy for infant bowel movements and prevent constipation.

9, whole grains: when a child is constipated, you can add some whole grains, such as standards, such as potato, maize, barley, fat food, cold water also contribute to preventive treatment of constipation. For babies over 4-5 months, can be adjusted a food supplement, it would be chopped, such as spinach, cabbage, Greens, Shepherd's purse, placed in rice porridge with boiled, make a variety of delicious dishes of porridge for babies to eat. In addition, food supplement containing large amounts of b vitamins to promote recovery of bowel, muscle tension, helps the laxative.

10, qingliangyou: preparing for a bottle of qingliangyou, preferably white, qingliangyou around the baby's belly button to wipe a thin layer (must not be more than, Oh, or baby's delicate skin is sick), and belly button that corresponds to the back and wipe the floor, a little massage, 1-2 hours like this, your baby will start farting slowly at your convenience. If you don't work, you can get two or three times.

11, time: not to change the unhealthy eating habits. Then change bowel habits and develop daily regular bowel.

12, attention: children bowel movements do not amuse kids when, in order to avoid distractions. If the above method is not relieved, can seek medical treatment, under the guidance of a doctor with some secondary measures of defecation, such as opening sailu, sustained a laxative. But not in children with long-term use of laxatives so as not to affect nutrient absorption.

13, encouraged: when 2~3sui baby holding onto stools than when on the toilet, you have to encourage him (her) to go to the bathroom in time. Can put a small washer on the toilet, his (her) to mat a small stool under your feet, so that he (she) feels comfortable to sit. And said, "it's OK, when do you want to poop, what time to go to the bathroom fine. "So your child's defiance would not extend indefinitely.

Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy for the prevention and treatment of recurrent colds

Summary: some children are always "cold", developed fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other symptoms, it may be recurrent respiratory tract infections. According to Chinese medicine, this is a child suffers, maladjustment, due to loss of spleen and invigorating games, free herbal therapeutic and conditioning.

In children with recurrent respiratory tract infection refers to weaker kids again and again over the long term occurrence of colds, fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat and other respiratory illnesses. General immunosuppression, malnutrition or deficiency of unreasonable and ill children easily repeated respiratory infections.

Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center internal medicine Associate Professor Yu Wei reminded parents that the prevention of recurrent respiratory infections in children, it is important to develop healthy living habits and personal hygiene to ensure adequate sleep, how to get outdoors, engage in physical exercise to tone. In addition, it is important to develop good eating habits, neither fussy nor a partial eclipse, diets to meat and mix supplement focuses on the everyday food of vitamins and minerals. Immunocompromised, sickly children, therapeutic methods of traditional Chinese medicine could be considered for conditioning.

Traditional Chinese medicine food therapy in children with recurrent respiratory tract infections

1, eat more vitamin-rich foods. For the immune system, and has played a key role in vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, iron and other nutrients. Vitamin a promotes growth of epithelial, mucous membranes of the respiratory tract to be healthy, to relieve cough symptoms, prevention and treatment of asthma have some benefits of vitamin c can increase the body's resistance to promote the formation of antibodies in the body and increase the phagocytosis of Leukocyte vitamin d promotes calcium absorption, bone health.

Vitamin a-rich foods liver of animals, fish, seafood, etc. In addition, beta-carotene can be transformed into vitamin a in the body, beta-carotene-rich foods, such as spinach, carrots, leeks, canola and mustard.

Fruits rich in vitamin c, jujube, strawberry Kiwi, these fruits can be pressed into juice and eat.

Vitamin d-rich foods include fish, liver, egg yolk, and lean meat. In addition, also let your child often sun-UV can be converted into vitamin d in the body.

Zinc-rich foods include oysters, squid, red meat, eggs, and so on.

Iron-rich foods include red meat, liver, egg yolks, chicken livers, and so on.

2, eating high protein foods. Available in milk, eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products of high biological value proteins, to supplement the consumption of protein catabolism, enhance immune function. Winter may be appropriate to have some hot meat such as lamb, beef, meat, making it up to the warming and invigorating effect.

3, eat a lung, and invigorating the spleen, tonifying the kidney, invigorating Qi, cough-relief, expectorant effect of food. Loquat, Chinese date, Lily, Orange, passion fruit, walnut, white mushrooms, yams, semen coicis, honey, such as pigs, cattle and sheep lungs. These foods both to the body and contribute to symptom relief, conditional regular consumption.

TCM for prevention and treatment of infantile recurrent respiratory tract infection diet

Magnolia flower pot egg: Magnolia flower 9 g, eggs 2 PCs. First egg pieces into the boiling water and boil for a minute, and then join Magnolia flowers and cook for 2-3 minutes. Eating eggs and soup, sweet and salty arbitrary. Recurrent upper respiratory tract infections, allergic rhinitis is valid.

Euryale ferox salisb Lotus medlar lean burn: Lotus meat 50 g, Gorgon, 50 grams, 50 grams of Fructus lycii, pork 200 g, add water little regular soup, salt seasoning, accompanied, for Qi-Yin xuzheng.

Yam eight precious ingredients gruel: yams, fried Huangqi, dangshen, passion fruit, malt, Poria, Coix 10G, jujube (nuclear) 5, rice 100g, add boiled porridge, to let any of astragalus and codonopsis pilosula, add sugar amount.

Radish porridge: daikon 200g (cut into small pieces), pinellia 6g, Fuling, atractylodes, Orange 10G, water 1 hour, juice extracting 1000ml, plus rice 100g, gruel, white sugar amount, 1 times per day. Spleen to eliminate damp and phlegm under, negative width.

Lily peanut porridge: 20 grams of lily, bubble expanding; shelled peanuts 30 g, cooked with skin and 60-80 grams of water with glutinous rice porridge. Jiyong iron, enamel pan or Casserole to cook better, eat 1-2 a small bowl on a daily basis, any of the sweet and salty.

Baby cough may be hidden asthma

  Recently, temperatures varied, hot and cold, a lot of kids coughing continuously, with a lot of anti-inflammatory drugs can't cure, which give parents much anxiety. Experts said the cough that do not heal, most of which belong to the cough variant asthma, this dry cough is the major symptom of asthma, but asthma symptoms are not obvious, especially easy to be mistaken for colds, bronchitis, and heavy use of antibiotics is not valid. In fact, this disease by bronchodilator test to a definitive diagnosis.

Chronic cough is often mistaken as "bronchitis"

In the Pediatric outpatient department, and have a 4 year old little child has been coughing. The boy's mother said, Xiao Bao intermittent cough for almost two years, a lot of traditional Chinese medicine with Western medicine, but not good for up to only half a month. At a local hospital, doctors are in accordance with the common cold, acute bronchitis treatment, is cured, the Guangzhou hospital for treatment.

The third affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical College attending physician Lin Lili said that children with carefully observed looking green cough now and then, but also likes to bite our nails, fidgety and irritable. From the perspective of children's medical records, drug babies is anti-inflammatory, detoxification drugs.

After detailed checking, Lin Lili finds that children with cough variant asthma. Lin Lili remind parents that when when the child coughs, to carefully observe the symptoms of children with, tell the doctor coughs in children with character, good time, and the concomitant symptoms, these "little things" more conducive to a doctor to avoid misdiagnosis.

Dry cough for more than a month, alert to asthma

So, when cough in children, to come to hospital for good? Lin Lili pointed out that children with flu symptoms improved, but is still coughing, would do well to take him to the hospital to check it again, confirm any other infection. In General, babies around the persistent cough, short of breath than usual much appeared out of breath after coughing and manifestation in children with irritability or bad temper, should be taken into account if the cough-variant asthma.

What is a cough variant asthma? Lin Lili said, this is a potential hidden asthma, dry cough are typical features, generally more than 1 month. Cough occurs most, before going to bed in the morning or middle of the night, the cough will also increase activity.

This cough and no apparent bacterial infection, treatment with antibiotics does not have any effect. This cough by bronchodilator test to clear diagnostic, clinically treated with hormones and asthma drugs. Therefore, for coughs in children with more than 1 month, moms don't inadvertently must find a clear diagnostic pediatric respiratory specialist.


Coughing during eating

Kids coughing during eating, in particular should avoid cold, greasy, foods such as seafood, sweet and sour, so as to avoid giving cough repeated or aggravated.

Bogey: cold food

Cough when eating cold foods or frozen drinks. According to Chinese medicine, "cold drinks cold injury lung", which means that once the body was cold, drinking cold, may be damage to human lungs, develop more serious, so time is not.

Two taboos: fat and sweet and houwei food

According to Chinese medicine, cough caused by lung-heat, especially in children. In the diet, eating more fat and sweet and houwei produces heat and increased cough and sputum viscosity, difficult to expectorate. For children with asthma, fresh choice food can lead to mutual knot of phlegm-heat, blocking the airway, aggravated asthma, make diseases difficult to cure. Fried foods will add to the burden of gastrointestinal and wet hot gas, the sputum, cough hard to heal.

Three taboos: seafood

Coughing after eating flavor food of children with cough increased, and smell stimuli related to respiratory and allergic to fish and shrimp for food protein

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Sexual intercourse frequency and conception have what relation?

Woman normal menstruation, menstrual cycle is 28 days or so commonly, period is commonly 3 ~ 7 days, HP is moderate, colour is normal. Equivalent to the middle of the menstrual cycle is oviposit period. Ovulation often vaginal spurt, sexy, namely "LeYuZhi". After eggs leave the ovaries, life in general is 1 ~ 2 days. Sperm in the vagina acidic environment can survive up to 8 hours,

Can survive into the uterus after 2 ~ 3 days. So each menstrual cycle within 2 days before and after ovulation, sexual intercourse becomes pregnant easily. Sexual intercourse if too thin, is easy to lose time conception. In general, sexual life in 1 ~ 2 times per week, for moderate, women's ovulation can be appropriately increased.

Some couples, when they want to pregnancy, is always hard to frequent intercourse, backfired. If ejaculation sex or not 1 times a day, it can reduce the amount of semen and sperm density decreased, a significant reduction in the rate and survival rate of sperm activity, sperm in female reproductive tract ability to travel and meet with egg "power", less chance of natural conception is greatly reduced.

Sexual intercourse frequency would lead to another cause of infertility is likely to cause her immune infertility. This is because the wife frequently repeated contact with husband's sperm, sperm, for some women can generate specific immune response to say, the sperm and semen is a kind of antigen material, easy to stimulate the body to produce antisperm antibodies. The more the more frequently the sexual intercourse, the woman to absorb the man's sperm, antigen stimulate antibody level is more intense. These antibodies basically has two kinds: one kind is called "agglutinating antibody, called a" brake antibodies. When sperm meets the agglutinating antibody, accumulation will stick together and bound to each other and lose the ability of activity, the last is absorbed by the female genital tract mucosa. Sperm if you encounter "brake antibodies," will make the action, and the antibody "brake" still can make the contraction of the uterus and fallopian tube ability is abate, obstacles to move to the uterine cavity fertilized egg. Frequency of sexual intercourse, therefore, infertile couples, and the best suspended for a period of sexual life, or the use of condoms 3 ~ 6 months, to facilitate conception

White-collar women how to relieve pregnancy fear

Nowadays, with increasingly competitive society, among the married white-collar female, appear some of the "fear of pregnancy" phenomenon. Marry and have children in China have always been a tradition of what makes these women suffering from "pregnancy phobia"?

Fear of pregnancy

Before childbirth phobia phenomenon has a variety of factors, mainly due to white-collar will consider many bring some negative impacts and after pregnancy. In fact, young people, especially young white-collar women in the workplace pressure is very big, conceive, and bear children will over a period of time have an impact on their career life, this is unavoidable.

Postpartum recovery have the means to shape

Some women worried about pregnancy after production, the figure will change, the body will be less. Actually nowadays with the development of medicine, to raise the level of medical services for women postpartum recovery there has been a very mature and complete series of methods, health care, as long as science as women having children can maintain a healthy body and a perfect figure, there is more to increase the mature women's charm.

Before fully prepared

In addition, the modern people to be pregnant age, many people will pay attention to absorb some knowledge through books, network, it is very good. However, experts say that absorb knowledge system, lack of pertinence, so easy a little knowledge, even misunderstanding. To this, expert proposal, to pregnant women and is pregnant women can also go to school and so on carries on the system of learning and training.

Family of "fear of pregnant women to give understanding

To have a fear of pregnant women, family can not blindly blame, but to understand their heart panic, with scientific guidance and give them more opportunities to understand what is the possibility of pregnancy production, what can be avoided.

Have a fear of pregnancy women, the need to overcome the fear in the heart, in addition to the family will also help and work together to create a new life.

Pregnancy check was the biggest story of the three people

In new era, our attitudes as well. When you think to do detailed prenatal care is to do a good mother duty, this concept is OUT! Preparation of eugenics has early in pregnancy. Especially after the "check" from mandatory to voluntary, more and more families choose before the baby for a detailed check before childbirth.

Pregnancy checks, man!

Optimization of the baby is healthy is a perfect combination of sperm and egg. No good sperm, just mature eggs, which to delicate children? Check before childbirth, health awareness, man first!

Told patients:

Caused by the problem of male sterility of the phenomenon is more and more, so, don't want to blame the other half, must actively cooperate with the wife pregnant examination, give yourself a healthy certificate, to give his wife a rest assured.

In order to ensure the "seed" good, you can want to pay attention! Smoking drinking, sauna, wear tight pants, don't have to stay up late; Genital inflammation early treatment; Have a genetic history more timely to professional penetration hospital consultation, to "pure" play is just good.

Warm Tips: Mary eugenics, men's and women's duty. Pregnancy check is not only clear up your own "weapons", more should seek professional doctor "case" consultation, eliminate the expectant father blind area, do a "battle plan" of science.

Check before childbirth, mothers start early!

Child is the mother's life, and a good mother is the key to a healthy baby, but also the fundamental of child survival. Let children win at the starting line, starting from the pregnancy check!

Told prospective mother:

If because of various reasons miss one, don't miss the pregnancy check again. In line with the attitude of responsible to family responsible for, the offspring, should pull the expectant father together voluntarily to professional medical institutions for pregnancy check.

Pregnancy check all items before 3-6 months to finish. Home keep a pet or favourite close to pet mothers-to-be, must before three months to check whether infected with toxoplasma, in case the children deformity.

We hope that parents must the expectant mom dad are formulated a series of human pregnancy check package; Senior experts chief prosecutor, one-on-one on check-up report, let you more convenient and comfortable. (

Pregnancy is not detoxification have impact on the fetus?

Ready to pregnant women, should first cleaning to the body, the body will produce many waste in the process of metabolism, such as aldehyde, ketone and amine, peroxide and acid composition etc., in addition, the muscle will generate milk acid, they with blood into the heart, liver, brain and other organs, make a person feel tired. These toxins in the body, chronic accumulation in the body can achieve amazing number. According to the calculation, some of the accumulation of waste in the human body is as high as more than a few kilograms, the harm to the fetus.

Human body in the process of metabolism will produce many waste, such as aldehyde, ketone and amine, peroxide and acid composition etc., in addition, the muscle will generate lactic acid, which along with the blood into the heart, liver, brain and other organs, make a person feel tired. These toxins in the body, chronic accumulation in the body can achieve amazing number. According to the calculation, some of the accumulation of waste in the human body is as high as more than a few kilograms, the harm to the fetus. Therefore, the young couples plan should be in the first half of pregnancy, multiple detoxification measures, build a good environment for the new life.

Food poison:

Vegetables (all kinds of fresh vegetables can make blood weakly alkaline, let precipitation in intracellular toxin to dissolve, with the urine) in vitro. Glial kelp (contain rich kelp, can prompt enter the body of the radioactive material discharge); Mung bean (various poisons can help excrete invades the body, including all kinds of heavy metals and other harmful material to promote the body's normal metabolism); Mushroom (can clean blood, discharge toxic substances, regular consumption can keep the body temperature of pure); Pig blood (contains a large number of plasma protein, after human stomach acid and digestive enzymes, and the invasion of the gastrointestinal tract of dust and harmful metal particles produces chemical reaction, into the waste is not easy to absorb being drained out of the body). Yogurt (can complement probiotics against pathogens violations). The tea (contains anti-ultraviolet radiation components); Water (drinking more water can increase urine output, thus increase the detoxification), etc.

Lung detoxification:

A place to do deep breathing is to choose the fresh air, make the residual gas exhaled as far as possible. Practice is to increase the depth of breathing, inspiratory, count to four, exhale to 12 hours, and then gradually increase to inhale to 7 hours, exhale to 21 hours, calculate a out-breath, every day in the morning and do 10 ~ 20 times; 2 it is to take the initiative to cough, every morning and night before going to bed, to the place with fresh outdoor air to do deep inspiration, inhale slowly raise bilateral arm, then suddenly cough syndromes, and promptly put two arms sagging, cough up phlegm. And repeat 10 times, each time interval to do a few times normal breathing, prevent hyperventilation.

Skin detox: sweat can discharge poison. According to the test, a person from more than 150 kinds of sweat excreted waste every day. Try to let yourself a little more sweat, help the body from the net. Specific measures can exercise more, warm bath, drink hot porridge or hot ginger tea, etc.

What a woman pregnant must regulate constitution?

Older age, through the production, ovarian dysfunction

After 30 years of age, women tend to be older mothers, especially after the age of 35, normal women ovarian function decline faster. But if not before birth, must pay attention not to someone for damage, abortion or miscarriage is the most serious, the physical structure and the endocrine system, may cause beyond redemption opportunities; However, this kind of situation, very popular in current menstrual rule the s, almost everywhere. Traditional Chinese medicine will be miscarried and women after the abortion, regarded as body weak women who gave birth to the baby, normal maternal nursing to 1 month, abortion women to one hundred days (at least 3 months).

Westerners don't even recovering from term pregnancy, of course, but the western medicine with the uterus to rest two or three months before getting pregnant, and especially has pregnant women abortion until April and may, the best interval of more than six months pregnant, because of the uterus needs more time to recuperate. Traditional Chinese culture pays attention to human and among men, so take good care of life.

Soon when women ovarian function decline, or have poor ovarian function, be sure to avoid using mechanical examination uterus during menstruation; One thousand have to even have to make artificial abortion, must find a qualified physician, otherwise it is easy to the endometrium to the fallopian tube and abdominal cavity, has already caused empty gas weak body, after the operation, combined with the body condition of qi and blood stasis, and chance to lead to infertility, endometriosis may occur.

Serious indirect risk of chocolate cyst, uterine fibroids, etc., traditional Chinese medicine line to qi and blood stasis, nourished with blood to fill, needle and prescription of Chinese medicine acupuncture and moxibustion, massage will uphold the principle of the same. This group before pregnancy, if can regulate is very intelligent.

Open concept in sex, living habits and poor living environment

Often neglected, but it is easy to damage the structure and function of the pregnant women, is imperceptible of bad living habits, especially more and more open sex, and sexual activity is frequent, such as sex during menstruation, often increases the chances of endometriosis. So men and women both parties on fire, be sure to remind each other, don't be too fierce.

The above habits and want to pregnant women, must be well prepared before childbirth, is the best mother and baby are healthy birth. In addition, improper sexual behavior nakedness the chance of infection, and constitution of poor women, namely as the sex behavior, but in the bad environment, also will hurt pregnancy function, such as wash hot springs, hot bath, wash three warm, drinking, smoking, long-term exposure to radiation, and work under the environment of toxic chemicals, white with abnormal increase, is likely to evolve into uterine inflammation, and even the whole pelvic cavity inflammation, and may affect the normal secretion of pituitary and ovarian function.

The above situation happened, the more women, more must be pregnant healthy birth, it's not just a life of their own health and, to the child is also a kind of optimal. As a result, western medicine usually don't recommend that women never have to use intrauterine device, because of this is likely to cause pelvic infection, and the cervical insufficiency, and even cause infertility.

Comprehensive the above argument, you can find modern women pregnancy should regulate must be several times as much as 10%, the proportion of marry at a mature age, before busy, stay up late, had injuries or physical and mental injury, shouldn't give up the chance of pregnancy eugenics.

Impurity spa or salpingitis

Whether tubal patency, laparoscopic combined detected by laparoscopy, palace, but check the fallopian tube pregnancy discouraged

A month ago, ms wu, abdominal pain, she suspected that menstruation, dysmenorrhea, went to a hospital checking, found that is ectopic pregnancy. The doctor told her that are mostly caused by fallopian tube jammed ectopic pregnancy. Fortunately, ms wu has found that early embryos is not caused by tubal rupture, don't have to remove the fallopian tubes. But need to do in the future of laparoscopy and hysteroscopy combined tubal dredge, if unable to dredge can do test tube babies. Ms wu doubt yourself was hot springs lead to mycoplasma infection. And mycoplasma infection can cause vaginitis and uplink infection cause the clogging in tubal inflammation and fallopian tubes.

The expert reminds, suspected infected women the mycoplasma, chlamydia check as a regular examination of department of gynaecology project. If the inspection found that mycoplasma, chlamydia, with or without symptoms should be treated.

Informal spa, mycoplasma infection

Of doctor of vice director of the people's liberation army 458 hospital, director of obstetrics and gynecology clinic Yang Huizhi introduction, whether tubal patency, is the key to women's reproductive index of hardware. Under normal circumstances, the motion of the fertilized egg by tubal cilia and uterine cavity implantation to, but if tubal cilia or damaged fallopian tube wall peristalsis, can cause the channel is blocked, the fertilized egg did not reach the uterus smooth, stuck in a fallopian tube caused pain, cause ectopic pregnancy. Tubal blockage caused by ectopic pregnancy in many cases can be retained, but if be broken after being zygote must be removed.

Tubal blockage several reasons, such as long-term and curettage surgery, mycoplasma, chlamydia, etc. Mycoplasma, chlamydia infection causing tubal lumen cilia damaged, affect the normal peristalsis of fallopian tube. If tubal cilia activity is poor, can cause infertility or ectopic pregnancy. In recent years, there are a few case reports found that using informal hot spring pools is the cause of mycoplasma infection. Mycoplasma, chlamydia is a kind of microorganism, the temperature and humidity of hot spring water is suitable for its growth. And bubble hot spring many people share a pool, if the hot spring pools without regular disinfection, some of them have germs, others is likely to be infected, too.

"Mycoplasma, chlamydia caused by tubal blockage therapy is very troublesome, is inferior to nip in the bud." Yang Huizhi remind that infected women the mycoplasma, chlamydia check as regular gynecological examination project, the inspection is no trauma operations. If the inspection found that mycoplasma, chlamydia, with or without symptoms, should be treated. Mycoplasma, chlamydia infection can be cured, in particular, mycoplasma infection, targeted treatment, rehabilitation treatment for 14 days or so commonly.

Pregnancy is not advocated to check the fallopian tubes

Tubal blockage generally do not have self-conscious symptom. A lot of people is due to a year of infertility, do check found that the disease; And because of ectopic pregnancy patients, found that oviduct jams. Yang Huizhi introduction, whether tubal patency, uterine B ultrasonic examination cannot see, and laparoscopy, palace, laparoscopic joint can check out the degree of tubal blockage, jams, and separation of adhesion of tube wall, dredge the fallopian tube, which is commonly known as the "water". "If jam too much, or lesions reasons for tube cavity mucosa damage, tubal fibrosis cavity mirror can't solve the problem, that means the loss of ability to conceive naturally, test-tube baby when the mother's desire to do."

Yang Huizhi reminds, "water" the check is retrograde operation, by the vagina to enter, the water reach the fallopian tubes, uterus this operation can't completely avoid vaginal bacteria into the womb, which may cause retrograde infection. In addition, the "water" is because of the fallopian tube convulsion "false positive", affect the accuracy of test results. "Water" fallopian tube confined to sex life not pregnant and the man had done a year later check the sperm vitality, the woman would need to tubal examination at this time. Clinically there are some ladies want to make a fallopian tube inspection first before, even regular do first "water", not a waste of time. Yang Huizhi said: "this is not check operation, it is not recommended, normal big hospital doctors will be rejected." She stressed: "the necessary inspection before pregnancy is necessary, such as the department of gynaecology, B ultrasonic examination, mycoplasma and chlamydia inspection and cervical cancer screening, and uterine fibroids predict risk."

Can you really a boy or a girl?

Boy or girl has always been one of the most concern of the people, many people hope can choose according to their wish boys or girls. But boy or girl is not decided by women, this is mainly determined by the male sex chromosomes.

Sex chromosomes, just as its name implies is a decisive other chromosomes. The human reproductive cells, with 23 of the 46 chromosomes, including 22 for euchromosome, 1 on the sex chromosomes.

Female sex chromosomes for xx, genotype of 46, xx.

The male sex chromosomes for x, y, genotype for 46, XY.

Reproductive cells after two meiosis, article 23 pairs of chromosomes into 23, sex chromosome egg contains only one X, and sperm can contain X or Y chromosome, respectively. When sperm and egg, the fertilized egg's chromosomes back into 23 pairs.

If X chromosomes of sperm and egg, the fertilized egg to xx, will develop into a female fetuses.

If the Y chromosomes of sperm and egg combine, the fertilized egg is XY model, will develop into a male fetus.

Boy or girl, therefore, depends on to participate in fertilization is X sperm, or Y sperm. And the union of sperm and egg is random, it is not by the will of the people for transfer, so, boy or girl is not we can choose.

The influencing factors of baby's gender

Although we already know boy or girl principle, however, there is a situation in which always let people elusive, someone is always a boy, but someone always gave birth to a girl. Although it is not according to the wishes of the people follow one's inclinations to control the gender. However, scientists have found gender related to the following several factors:

Genetic effects. Boy or girl often has a tendency to family.

The effect of acid and alkali environment. Y sperm alkaline not acid, Y sperm in alkaline environment are active, active X sperm in acidic environment, easy to fertilization.

The influence of sex. If the woman orgasm during fertilization, easy male fetus. Because the woman orgasm secretion contains alkaline, on the contrary, if sex premature ejaculation, can increase the chances of girls.

The influence of metallic elements. Six weeks before pregnancy eat salty foods rich in potassium, sodium, and increases the chances of boys.

The influence of the season. The spring and autumn period and the conception more boys, summer conception more girls.

The effects of age. Couple each ages 5, girls the opportunity to increase 1%. Husband age is too high, having the opportunity to reduce boy and men aged between 25 and 29 male is more than a girl, is less than and greater than 25, 29, more female than male. (wen: Xu Suzhen)

Eugenics intervention for genetic disease away from the baby

Recently, the news aroused people focus on genetic disorders: one of the cartilage disease pregnant woman got married, had been termination of gestation, the doctor suggested that genetic risk for 50% of the disease.

The hereditary disease is what disease? How do they happen? Is there any way to treat now? This is the common concern of the people.

Genetic epidemiologist recently, the reporter interviewed on these problems, for genetic disorders, people always thought that is "doomed" "incurable disease", in fact, as for human genetic disorders research gradually thorough, for some genetic diseases, people have to decipher the "genetic code", adopt scientific method to intervene, can help reproductive health smart baby.

Genetic disease is what disease?

Hubei maternal and child health care center of genetic Song Jieping director introduces, hereditary disease, is refers to the genetic material of germ cells or fertilized eggs (chromosome and gene mutation or distortion caused by the disease. About four thousand kinds of known genetic disorders. Including chromosome disease, but gene disease and three types of polygenic disease.

Director of the song dynasty said it was easy for people to confuse genetic diseases and congenital diseases. Actually, congenital diseases generally refers to the baby born showed symptoms of the disease. Some of congenital diseases are caused by genetic factors, is a genetic disease, such as congenital down (down syndrome); But some is affected by the external adverse factors during pregnancy and cause abnormal fetal development, are not of the hereditary disease categories, such as congenital heart disease. "Accordingly, congenital disease Disease are not hereditary disease.

Hereditary disease, on the other hand, may not have symptoms at birth, that is to say, the emergence of some acquired diseases may also be a genetic disease. Some genetic disorders, table now until a certain age in individual development. For example, progressive muscular dystrophy, usually the disease at the age of 4 ~ 6. Many patients with hereditary mental retardation in babies also not easy to find. In a disease, therefore, the day after tomorrow, also have a genetic disease.

Hereditary disease, experts point out that, in fact, is not terrible and complicated diseases, as long as we understand it, is there a way to control it.

Prevention of genetic diseases to good "three pass"

The first level: the premarital health examination

Has identified a relationship of men and women, before the marriage registration formalities should make a comprehensive system of health check. Especially note that avoid inbreeding.

Relatives refers to the three or four generations have a common ancestor. Our country marriage law regulation blood relatives within three generations of marriage is prohibited. According to the world health organization estimates that each person in the crowd carry about 5 ~ 6 kinds of recessive genetic disease cause of disease genes. In random mating (not relatives mating), as there is no blood relationship, the couple rarely the same genes, they carry the recessive gene, and therefore is not easy to form a recessive gene of pure fit (patients). In inbreeding, couple with the same possibility of recessive gene is very big, easy to meet in the offspring, and make the higher incidence of genetic disorders of offspring. The incidence of common cleft lip, for example, the average person is only 0.17%, and cause the incidence of inbreeding was as high as 4%. Inbreeding descendants suffer from mental retardation, congenital abnormalities and various geometric non more several times as marriage between first Cousins.

Pregnancy: second, genetic counseling

Once birth to children with congenital down couple often wonder, they are very normal, in the family never had a similar disease, why gave birth to this kind of congenital mental retardation case? The expert points out, if until the next pregnancy to prevent genetic disease awareness, do a genetic counseling, should be able to avoid the tragedy again.

Director of the song dynasty, said can marry but not birth in the following circumstances:

Either (1) men and women suffering from a serious autosomal dominant genetic disease, such as ankylosing muscular dystrophy, achondroplasia, osteogenesis hypoplasia, spinal cord cerebellar ataxia, marfan's comprehensive character, as well as the genetic blinding eye diseases such as retinoblastoma, dominant inheritance bilateral congenital microphthalmia etc. Because the genetic disease risk is higher, and there is no effective method for treatment and prevention. Osteogenesis hypoplasia, for example, commonly known as "glass", this is a major involvement bones, tendons, fascia, ligaments, dentin and sclera of the disease. Its typical characteristics of bone brittleness increases, easy to fracture, therefore is also called "cartilage disease". It belongs to autosomal dominant genetic disease, husband and wife any one party sicken, children have a 50% risk. And for patients with women, itself is a high-risk pregnancy, abortion, stillbirth, defects may occur, and even endanger pregnant woman's life, so it is unfavorable.

(2) both sides of husband and wife have the same serious recessive genetic disease such as pituitary dwarfism, microcephaly, benzene acetone urine, liver degeneration and so on.

(3) male and female, one party suffers from severe polygene genetic disorders such as schizophrenia and manic depressive psychosis, more fortune for high. High fortune is refers to in addition to the patients themselves, their parents or brothers and sisters in one or more people suffering from the same genetic disease.

The third clearance: prenatal screening to avoid children born

Prenatal screening some no good mainly for the treatment of diseases, the purpose is to prevent defective child was born. Generally at 16 to 20 weeks pregnant, peripheral blood in pregnant women who smoke 2-3 ml to check, if it is found that high risk probability (risk factors more than 1/270), will be expected to further smoke amniotic fluid, confirmed. Such as down's syndrome can be through the sieve out down syndrome screening high-risk pregnant women, prenatal diagnosis for the smoke through the amniotic fluid to confirmed. If osteogenesis hypoplasia, again by prenatal ultrasound fetal system at present, which can effectively prevent patients was born, is also the main measures of prevention and cure of the disease. On some single gene genetic disorders, such as progressive muscular dystrophy, now can make prenatal gene diagnosis, if both sides of husband and wife as the carrier, has a births, children can be carried out on the next child gene check, check if the fetus with disease-causing genes, can be induced labor avoid the children born.

Genetic disease is not an incurable disease

Ago, people think that genetic disease is an incurable disease. Now, medical genetics, workers in the study of genetic disorders, and find out the process of some genetic disorders, thus provides the genetic disease treatment and prevention of the basis of a set, and constantly new treatment measures are put forward. As for patients with symptoms of genetic disorders, can through diet, medication, surgery, and gene therapy to achieve the goal of improved or cured.

Dietary treatment of certain genetic disorders can achieve the purpose of preventing disease through diet, to receive the treatment effect. Such as benzene acetone urine disease pathogenesis is phenylalanine hydroxylase defects, phenylalanine and styrene acrylic ketone accumulation of acid in the body disease, can appear in children with mental retardation or become an idiot. Best but if correctly diagnosed, early prevention and control of 7 to 10 days after birth start, within 3 months after birth, giving children a low phenylalanine diet, such as rice, cabbage, spinach, potato, mutton, etc., can make baby normal growth and development. By the time the children go to school, then appropriate to relax the limitation on the diet.

Drug therapy in the treatment of genetic disorders often play a supporting role, can improve the patient's condition, reduce the pain. Such as liver degeneration, mainly copper in the body metabolic disorders, make the blood levels of copper in liters High, lead to fetal abnormalities. Can promote copper excretion of drugs, at the same time limit consumption of food containing copper, to maintain the normal level of copper in the body, and good treatment effect. Also some diseases such as congenital low immune globulin blood disease, can inject immunoglobulin preparations, in order to achieve the purpose of the treatment. Congenital low thyroid function will be given to the right amount of thyroid hormone and regular monitoring, to ensure the normal growth and development of children.

Surgical excision surgery fixed surgically refers to using some organs or surgery for some defects with configuration organ repair methods. Such as spherical disease of grow in quantity of red blood cells, as a result of genetic defects of red cell membrane permeability and brittleness of patients significantly increased, erythrocyte spherical, the red blood cells in the spleen of splenic sinus vulnerable to damage and cause hemolytic anemia. Can implement splenectomy, after splenectomy, although can't change the abnormal form red blood cells, but it can prolong the life of red blood cells, access to treatment effect. For multiple means, cleft lip and genital malformation, but by surgical correction. Another example, body odor is also a kind of hereditary disease, but as long as the patient armpits excessive secretion of gland tear drop, can eliminate patients.

Gene therapy to treat hereditary disease is a fundamental and promising method. Cells with normal gene to gene defects, to achieve therapeutic purposes. Is simple, but in fact is a quite complex problem. Must first find out the faulty gene from hundreds of thousands of genes, must be produced at the same time the corresponding normal gene, and then replace faulty gene in normal genes into the cells, and can be normal expression. This kind of treatment method, it is in the phase of research and exploration.

Deserve special is put forward, in gene therapy has not been completely developed at present, genetic disorders can be used the above several simple methods for treatment, after all is a minority, and only treats the symptoms of this kind of treatment effect, the so-called "phenotype" treatment, can eliminate the generation of sickness, and pathogenic gene itself is not touched. The pathogenic genes will, as always, according to the inherent law is passed to the patient's descendants.