Sunday, April 8, 2012

The new immigrant say usa life than china

I want to say the new United States immigrant life, I and my husband currently reside in the United States in Central City T a state, this state of living and spending levels similar to some of the Guangxi province of China. My husband and I arrived in California last September, when the Los Angeles Airport, the airport immigration office in the office who can help me for the new immigration procedures, I was very surprised we had to go to T City, has the potential to most Americans T city in this state is really a very poor. Later, in California tourism T returned after 2 weeks, and may be as early as there is a psychological preparation, and therefore do not have a bad feeling that T city, on the contrary, is very fond of T Greening of the environment, it really is everywhere is grass trees, living environment, I am still very satisfied with the city itself is really more than the State of California, city and country of the point quite far from the city. First of all, the owner of the house of her husband, her husband is in his early years, the school IT visa to work in the United States, annual salary before taxes are more than 50,000 points, and her husband's company is because you can pay far less than the industry pay the salary of a prospectus, H B 1 work visas for their employees, and her husband have the citizens was immediately after work, the present salary is more than 80,000 before taxes. City of Industry T IT said to be more developed, but low consumption levels, and for new immigrants and to work visa to come to the United States, is a good choice. Last year, owner of the House to get a visa to the United States, the focus on that in the city of T consumption and views: 1. . Current Owner of the House, and there is no work in the free school of adult learning, her husband ESL each month after the tax was paid US$5200, and the other company's part-time, every month, the US$500 after tax income, every month, a total of US$5700. Room rates: Owner of the House mentioned above, the city of T consumption is low, the current owner of the house occupants of the House is purchased in 2008, living in the area is small, medium, and price about US$100,000 per month, and US$900 credit loan advance 30, you can pay back, looking at the Loan Scheme, Nima interest than the House is also high in 2020, it is intended to advance each month, pay off the mortgage more than US$500, it is a total of US$1400. City of T price really is very cheap and house prices are also on the decline, the owner of the House of the House has dropped by US$10,000 in T are basically with a front and rear garden, 3 two bedroom, one living room and a sun room two garage of a US$150,000 in between 8-. Of course, the US$1 million T marketplace is also a lot of the House, and the rich, and where can I have a super-luxury; look at a house, that is less than US$300,000 and also contains a lot of the race course and a row of about 7 - 8 horses, a very competitive price. Charges: two people a month, every mobile phone TV (here is the billing phone, TV and Internet access on the same piece on the bill) which is approximately US$300 - 400 range, has at last know that the people here at what an old love-for-mobile phone, contract mobile phones are cheaper, Iphone, 3 star, Motorola, without free HTC without has been less than US$100, and her husband nearly a year for a new handset, the owner of the House is currently being used is the new 3-star, 5000 block in the country is about US$99, and here is a month, but fixed costs at least US$100, and must be signed up to a year. Electricity and water vapor, electricity costs each month is about US$ 100-150, in the winter and summer home in the central air-conditioning work 24 hours a day, so electricity costs in the two quarters will be relatively high gas costs; it is a one-month 50-US$60, about US$30 is water; fare: the car, there is only one of her husband in the car, the fuel cost and insurance each month so that it is about 150, the car loans each month, you just need to load the two oil in this way, the car is basically only used for commuting. In the United States the car is really very cheap, BMW, Mercedes Benz, for US$40,000 to buy a Porsche, a US$60,000 to buy, there are also what the Audi, and really is much cheaper than domestic, and the general Japanese cars Honda, Nissan, and Toyota is US$25,000 between 1.8 - you can buy a Honda Accord, Toyota, and Kevin. Eating: To be honest, in the United States, meat is really cheaper, but vegetables do not come cheap, and we ate on the relatively high cost, because we eat less meat, but now you want to do every day, fruit and vegetable juice each month, are not included on this Dad spent US$500 each weekend, basically eating out, because the property owners will not be cooked, and so on like T gimmick, but in the city restaurants really hang PA, more disgusting, the price was very cheap, buffet with over US$7 A, and you can not eat at the restaurant can be packed away, the box is very great. Essentially two individuals eat more good on the outside, a meal about 30 - including tax ranging from US$50, of course there are also more expensive, owner of the House on his birthday that day, and in particular of the Chengdu Miss domestic hot pot, so to go to a west-hot pot restaurant, Nima's father is really hang a meal, we spent more than 120 US$, pot bottom is cooked with red wine, And eat as much as we are heart-wrenching and distressed. Owner of the house, buy a few clothes and shoes, but every month, in addition to the above, there is no consumption of the remaining money can be saved. Of course, go out to dinner, we are unable to deposit money for important causes, owner of the House as much as possible their own plans to fire at home, you want to save money for your baby. Doctor in the United States is very expensive, I feel the same, and there is insurance to be paid out of money, many have no insurance, it may have more than your home. There are currently no owner of the House, and buy only work accident insurance, and each month is US$100 more than usual flu-like fever, Nelson Mandela is not a doctor, the insurance does not cover accidents, only a hospital, the insurance will not cover; her husband to the insurance company is bought, but because they like her husband, biking and 08 were injured in falls from left shoulder surgery, the insurance cover is also made for themselves after about 4000 had more than US$, it is also possible that the insurance company to purchase her husband well enough. 3.With regard to education. Education in the United States, and I also feel and almost, and that is a word - Your. Of course primary school to secondary school is free, but the nearest school to school, so the house near good schools are relatively expensive; most importance to education of the family will choose to send their children to private schools, that really is one of your, ah, a US$40,000 in 3 - it is normal, but private schools in various types of scholarships, and so on are some of the children in some areas there are long, the schools will provide a high level of scholarship, and sometimes it is equivalent to free the mind, in T city, a lot of parents will help your kids in the context of the campaign, a part of the reason is so that you can later to private high schools and universities; in addition, the University is also in charge of State and State, private and public, and the general state of health of the local public universities is less expensive, 3000 - US$5000 a year, and you want to read on, it is more expensive that the International Health, feeling, and in public university is a private university, no matter how good you are, and state of the State, local or international health That is a word - your price should be the same. With respect to the University's costs, owner of the house where her husband is from, do not dare to guarantee that right. Summary: So far, I have the feeling of life in the United States and China, the greatest difference is that there is a very strong sense of environmental protection, and the air is very good, and birds, blissfully, and harmony with people and animals in the country before the owner of the House of the city, which boasts green city and T city, but it is poor compared to the city in T, you will only be able to cut your home front and rear of the tree, but it can be a very responsible for the said that the point of the trees in general, is not to cut, because the company you want to be professional to deforestation, the cost is about US$3000, owner of the house around her husband's friends alone, self-built housing, to cut down trees to spend close to a US$10,000 . Other public areas and mountain, the trees are never cut down. Here the animal is also very well-being, the birds and squirrels are everywhere, and two of my backyard trees on a small squirrel; only 4 in California, sea travel, everywhere is the wild sea lion, with no one to stir their friends; her husband's house in the suburbs, and the Christmas time, there are 4 small deer in front of the house of their foraging, and these are not seen in my country, it is very heart-wrenching of certain domestic experts openly declared that live in the bile, The bears were not very comfortable.