Sunday, April 8, 2012

The establishment of a national-level Rare Earth industry association norms industry development

BEIJING, April 8 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Rare Earth Society was established in Beijing on 8. The Association is a non-ferrous metals, aluminum company, China 5, China's nonferrous metal mining 13 units of the promoters, it now has 155 House members, the national industry association. The experts said that the establishment of the Association, to accelerate the process of change in China, the proper function of the Government, to promote settlement of international trade disputes, and sustainable health development industry are of great significance. China has for a long time, and there is a small industry, heat, and the rare-earth minerals, mining, illegal acts, the ultra-plan, no plan production, industry, environmental protection and overall levels are relatively low, the problem of smuggling. According to reports, after a period of time after the special rectification would greatly improve the situation, but it still needs further improvement. academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering dry Yong Chinese Rare Earth industry association the first president. He said that the Chinese Rare Earth industry association was founded, will be active for the relevant departments and local government management; providing support and services for industry self-regulation, such as the right to the business, active in the coordination of scientific research units, production companies, and downstream users, and a regulated industry relations between order. "we hope that through industry associations form a reasonable pricing mechanism, the Rare Earth industry for reasonable prices. In the upstream industry of mining and development of the downstream users are to regulate and coordinate, so that we achieve a win-win situation; at the same time, the industry association also will be actively engaged in exchanges, consulting, training and other services, and promote inter-firm technology exchange and cooperation, and promoting the industry in technological advancements. Dry," he said. It is learned that the Chinese Rare Earth industry members of the Association of China, primarily in the rare earth industry engaged in rare earth industry with a certain scale, in the relevant quarries with a certain scale of the enterprise. Currently, there are already 155 members, over a mine, metallurgy, separation, applications, and other industries the chain links, and will absorb more downstream businesses. Also, for a few days ago the United States, the European Union, Japan WTO dispute settlement mechanism on the Chinese Rare Earth Export management measures initiated by the request for consultations, and dry-yong said, rare earth industry association will be in accordance with the international management and the rules of the WTO, the promotion of international exchange and to cope with international trade friction and disputes. As far as I understand it, the Rare Earth's supply of the world-wide more than 95 per cent. Has a wide range of rare earth resources such as the United States, and Western countries are not mining your own Rare Earth, but a lot of imports from China. Rare Earth China when the exploitation has been at great expense of the environment, and the separation of rare earth chemistry process produces large quantities of pollutants, causing great damage to the environment. It was said that only one of the rare earth resource-rich southern Jiangxi, if you want to mineral extraction, and damage to ecological restoration of the land, the initial funding is expected to reach more than $38 billion. Dry-yong said, rare earth not only to explain China's rare-earth policy and the promotion of international exchanges, and at the same time to assume responsibility, and environmental protection in China is currently developing a "rare-earth environment account too much. At the same time, he said that the export quota to the reasonable consultation, resources, and many countries around the world, not by a State. It was introduced last year, and rare earth metallurgy products a significant downward trend, the Chinese still hold 21,000 tonnes of export targets. "China is like before, and actively participate in international cooperation and contribution. " the letter said the ministry. The letter also said that the ministry, China will continue to reorganize, rare earth industry order rare earth industry to continue to carry out environmental governance, strengthen environmental verification, the Rare Earth resources to enforce stricter environmental protection policy, and speed up exploitation of large rare earth enterprises group; and are made in strict order of implementation plans, and further strengthening of laws and regulations; and to promote the building industry, make sure that the State Council adjusted for rare earth industry on sustainable and healthy development of the number of comments to the letter. This official also said that the speeding up large rare earth Enterprises Group, the Department will also continue to intensify smelleding, separation, and purification, by a new round of merger and reorganization, rare-earth production continue to cause pollution, and grades will not be out of business, industry and orderly development.