Saturday, April 21, 2012

Siemens opens a development center in Brazil Smart Grid

The multinational Siemens in Brazil today opened its first center for research and development of Smart Grid technologies and solutions (smart grid electricity) in Latin America.

The center operates in two buildings in the Technological Park of the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) of Parana in Curitiba (south), where research companies take advantage of research by the academic center.

The multinational will use its technology center in Curitiba to develop technologies that allow remote control of the grid, the war on energy waste, the assessment of the electricity transmitted and the rapid restoration of fluid in case of short circuits.

"This new research and development center comes integrated into the overall strategy of Siemens Smart Grid solutions and develop solutions for customers in the Brazilian market and globally applicable solutions," said the director of the Division of Smart Grid Business Siemens in Brazil, Guilherme Mendonza.

The Smart Grids are smart meters that can be installed along the grid and continuously sending data to a central remote monitoring.

"We have a promising market in Brazil, with a development perspective," said Siemens President of Brazil, Paul Stark, at the opening ceremony of the facility.

Siemens has already developed a new system of energy management for the state National Electric System Operator (ONS) based on Smart Grid.

The company also develops in Rio de Janeiro a remote control system of power transformers that can prevent accidents.

In addition to the Smart Grid, the unit will also focus its efforts on developing programs and technology solutions for the management and automation of power systems.

The technology center of Curitiba, the first of its kind in Latin America, will unite the efforts of technicians and engineers of the multinational and university researchers.

The unit operations were initiated with 24 software developers and information technology, but the expectation is that this number will reach 100 in three years.

The inauguration of the technology center is part of a series of investments by $ 600 million announced by Siemens for its units in Brazil.