Saturday, April 21, 2012

Not speak English,10 000 RMB ,105 days ,poor tour of five countries in Southeast Asia, South Asia

Around the world before me is a distant dream

Over time this has turned into my dream

In 2008, I think to spend money to go out that tourism is sick, that money I might as well buy some clothes, there was a girl around, and a month to earn thousands of pieces, it is to save save money and then go on a trip,
She just a member I am not good most any comments to her. Just think she must have suffered brain stimulus. This is my previous definition of tourism.

The first trip: Forgot

In 2008, I took my broken heart, to Lijiang. Only for the escape of a person to escape that relationship. Want to completely forget and escape from the people that hurt me.

Second trip: Looking for

July 2010 I took a look for heart again go to Lijiang, this is going to find the answers to find meaning in life

In fact, there are a lot of trips, but is not considered to be a real trip, maybe just vacation, maybe just travel.

Two trips with a different mood and did not really find the answer with a different purpose

I got a crush on the road it is a yearning for the infinite possibilities of the unlimited freedom

Travel, I can relax and not for the next target for the interests for life only for the eyes to see the body and mind to appreciate the

May 2011, a friend once again flirting up my desire to travel to stimulate a result of the use the word

I have to admit I'm not a firm, at first I just want to travel, a few months time. Middle I gave up, the father did not object when my heart was about time, at a friend's they do not understand it.
Maybe I'm just a result of the follow the expectations of my family, good work, stable life.

It may be that the person's life are by chance, I knew a man he recommended to me a lot of movies, let me stop and have a good experience.

Etude "Bucket List" <wilderness survival> <Dream pure heart these films I touched a dream of how happy you are more than not it great

Firm to adhere to complete his dream how fascinating moved people around that I have to dream that I have to realize their dreams

My dream for most people can not accept my family I spent nine days to convince my father to support me but I do not want to continue to convince

Determine this dream in the process of preparing At first, I swing and test the heart to whatever happens at the moment has become very firm, I will be firm in their dreams

Is my dream to me to be brave enough to tell me: the Leilei the dream is travel around the world this dream is not far away and not funny

I would also like to bravely tell yourself: Makerere regardless of the road ahead is how hard you must bravely fighting for because it is your choice

Travel Section 1 days

Beijing starting
Beijing - Nanning

Carries the dream start
This dream means to me
Now I do not know
I just remember the word ---- regret than regret
For a new way I'm going to find
I tried to understand a new way of life

In the next journey
Without a father, considerate care
Familiar friends
A familiar environment
What is the wait and meet me
I'm really looking forward to

This trip is that I want to come out a month ago
Initially with a swing and test the heart
The middle to give up too
Family support
Friends do not understand
Of course there are many friends who support me to complete the dream
Finally, I insist that this dream

Impressed me most was the father until it sent me to the station insisted I give up
But when the train to start crying father
He made me strong to face the following way

The train slowly moving
Beijing goodbye

Travel first two days


Receipt of a friend's phone has just returned from Vietnam
He said that relations between Vietnam and China are tight
He ran into trouble in Vietnam, so returning
Was a little small fluctuations
Bunk to hear I'm going to Vietnam
Start chatted up

They are a bunch of civil servants
Was going to play in Vietnam
The ship to Hong Kong event can only change the itinerary
I began to chat with them my itinerary
My dream chat with them
Time flies

The train is about to station
Time of 28 hours
I left a familiar place

Travel first three days

Nanning - Hanoi
09:40 - 17:00

Excited all night
Early in the morning packed up ready to go
Such feelings can not use language to describe
Forgive my naive child!

Jump on the bus excited
Days that
A car 7 people
Is it really the tension between China and Vietnam
Anyway could stop the footsteps of my previous line

Looking at the scenery outside the window
I feel particularly fresh
Into China and Vietnam border
Followed the car with clearance
Already heard extortion
Ready to change from
A total of extortion 20

5 o'clock arrived in Hanoi, Vietnam
Get off after the start confused
I this is where
Where to change money
Where to find a place to live
Children do not do homework not confused.

Recognize two Chengdu girls in the car
Decided to take a taxi to Old Street Area
Carrying bag to find a place to live
I can not speak English in their rear
Finally found a $ 12 room
And his companions fight room U.S. $ 6

My excitement is not over
A sleepless night