Thursday, April 19, 2012

More university graduates working in western China

China plans to recruit 17,000 university graduates to live and work in the western regions of the country in 2012, a figure sharply higher against the quota of 10,000 graduates set the last year.

"The year 2012 is a key year to deepen and consolidate the Project in Western countries. Local offices affiliated to the project should make greater efforts to encourage graduates to apply in areas where the need is greatest "announced Zhou Changkui, a senior official of the Central Committee of Communist Youth League of China.

Zhou did say at a meeting Tuesday on the campaign volunteer.

According to a statement issued after the meeting, volunteers recruited this year may apply for a job in seven sectors: basic education, agricultural technology, health, the basic work of youth, social management and providing services in the autonomous regions of Xinjiang and Tibet.

Approximately 10 000 volunteers recruited this year will work in ethnic areas, the statement said.

Project organizers cooperate with the Ministry of Finance to increase political support for volunteers, such as increasing subsidies and pension insurance.

Students can apply for this program from April 17 to May 25