Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mali: Modibo Sidibe camp organizes its response after the re-arrest of former Prime Minister

The support groups in Europe's candidate for president Modibo Sidibé, forcefully denounced his arrest since Monday, April 16, 2012 and for the third time in full flow of his political campaign, and that the arrest of several military and civilian counter to the principles and values ​​of a democratic and flagrantly violating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, "says a statement from the group that just received one Our correspondents in Bamako.

This statement recalls that Modibo Sidibé is the Social Democratic candidate who stands for election, supported by a large majority of citizens organized in more than 14 000 Support Groups North and South of the country, and a coalition of several political parties. "He was arrested by force and there are fears for his physical and moral integrity," deplored the supporters of political leader in Europe.

"We ask the new authorities of the Republic, and demand that the military junta, restore urgently the rule of law, respect of the Agreement to end the crisis adopted by the ECOWAS countries and the restoration of image of a Malian army republican, "claimed the spokesman of the European Support Group Modibo Sidibé, Mr. Fofana.

Furthermore, the Platform Support Modibo Sidibé (FARE) has just sent an "Open Letter" to His Excellency the President of the Republic Interim. Correspondence dated this Wednesday, April 18, 2012 and which we managed to get us a copy. "Your inauguration, Thursday, April 12, 2012, marked an important time for all Democrats, convinced of the possible return to constitutional legality in our country, according to announcements made by the CNRDRE April 1 following the signing of the agreement to end the crisis between ECOWAS and CNRDRE .. The holding of the Conference of the forces of Mali, on 14 and 15 April in Ouagadougou .. had formed a new positive step toward normalization of public life in our country, "says the FARE in this open letter.

"How then to understand that, under your leadership, elements of CNRDRE engaged in the kidnapping of persons, without any reaction from You?" Inquires the Platform.

The different personalities are arrested for "held by the CNRDRE, outside any legal framework and without any specific charges have been announced against them. We are strongly concerned by the detention, without any warranty, these figures .. These facts constitute violations of the process to end the crisis, in that they are in flagrant contradiction of the dynamics of consensus and easing back to normal in which you, the CNRDRE and all the forces of Nation, you were all involved .. These facts are extremely serious in that they constitute a denial CNRDRE engagement vis-à-vis the national community, vis-à-vis the Ombudsman and vis- à-vis the ECOWAS and all international bodies, "she complains.

For FARE, "our belief is that no one can dictate the life of the Nation, by methods of intimidation and terror against the spirit and letter of the Framework Agreement with ECOWAS and contrary to democratic principles and values ​​made by us .. We appeal to your authority and good offices of the Ombudsman of the crisis, to be served on CNRDRE he is not qualified to pose as legal authority to arrest arbitrarily and selectively Malian citizens . We urge the political leaders that are Mr. Modibo Sidibe and Soumaila Cisse, and all other civil and military prisoners, be released unconditionally and without delay. "

She warned, "we hold the CNRDRE responsible for the physical integrity of people kidnapped by him, and take witness to the Ombudsman and the entire international community, for their safety guaranteed