Saturday, April 7, 2012

Confidential shaking: a well-known state-owned big spenders buy Mercedes-Benz the smart! (With truth)

I exposed this message will become the key to a "gate"? More loved by the talk of amateur reporters, by no means the paparazzi for the people as an inspirational, so big news reported my civil liberties, such as stuck in my throat, so  polish your eyes, ready to react.
Above, to see how going:

Brother is a Mercedes-Benz sales staff. After the purchase of the Beijing market is relatively dim, so this past year our car sales have been depressed, but the sky really fall out of brother hardship death in this study very boring Qingming Festival the first day, a single dozens Mercedes smart large orders fell from the sky - hit a female colleague who stood to my side of the Brother With envy of jealous hate in the eyes plaintive witnessed this process.

Map with the truth! Look, these hanging Changhong Mobile Communications Division badges to our store Advisory For bulk booking the preferential policies of the Mercedes-Benz smart, large customers. ~!

This single slip past my eyes, I could only lament that "life in the end times to be no life force". I am just very strange, For large quantities ordered Mercedes-Benz smart buyer, is the country's leading state-owned enterprises - Changhong Group, why shot so generous to buy so many Mercedes? (Do not give me that smart is not Mercedes-Benz! Nima good dozens of cars! Many millions!) Do state-owned enterprises vehicles tend to the small displacement? But do not buy an expensive small-displacement Energy saving but also cost control.
Changhong Group For a large number of The amount ordered Mercedes-Benz smart, a few million yuan. In the end want to doing? Seek the truth ~ ~! ! ! ! Concerned about the landlord collection forwarded to the End of the World microblogging added to the album