Sunday, April 8, 2012

China Heavy economic data CPI debut next week or not more than 3.5 %

Next week will usher in data-intensive publishing period. On March 9, CPI data comes first, the agency generally is expected to be small, or no more than 3.5 % price decline all year round, but did not change posture. 3 months credit data will also be followed, it is expected that over $800 billion of credit than the two previous months, despite some recovery, but it is clear that a quarter credit it is difficult to achieve. held by the Central Bank's monetary policy committee, pointed out that a quarter meeting will continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, monetary and credit boot smooth moderate growth. Among them, and credit the appropriate growth" of the reference, for more than a year to first appear. In addition, Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council at the beginning of this month in Fujian, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, emphasized, "the introduction of flexible prudent macroeconomic policies, timely, appropriate to the fine tuning. " more and more of the data in the economic growth has slowed down, and new credit continued weakness in the background, many companies believe that, once in 4 months, foreign exchange, Delta continues to decline, the statutory deposit reserve ratio would be once again be about events. After the Ching Ming Festival A ushered in a wave in light, and after that pop-up or to continue to consolidate? Market will be released on 13 March, the economic data and a quarter. Above-scale industrial production monthly reports, monthly reports, investment in fixed assets investment in real estate and sales of social consumer goods monthly reports and monthly total volume of retail sales report from the oven, the collective for research market trends provides direction. Foreign trade data, which will also be announced next week, the import and export data may be dropped. In particular, exports, with step-by-step recovery production export enterprises, 3, 2, with exports may have improved, but the base elements and structure of the global economy, its growth may be a 2 month dropped significantly. International financial markets in the United States 3 QE expected warming and cooling oscillates between, the end would also like to look at economic opportunism. Next week will be published in the United States March PPI , Michigan consumer confidence index, and foreign trade data for the purposes of determining policy