Thursday, April 24, 2014

More than parents of children hand foot and mouth foaming may wish to

In warm, humid weather, when viral activity. After entering April, Guangzhou peak of foot-and-mouth disease into the first of the year, has accumulated this year is more than more than 4,000 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center children's hospital visits in one day of 200 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease. Infectious disease specialist noted that hand-foot-mouth disease is usually not serious, most children to rehabilitation in the 7-10 days, but encountered a child has hand, foot and mouth disease, rash, and persistent fever, mental deterioration, vomiting, sensitivity to jitter, jump, get cold, you should pay attention to, that is likely to be severe, should promptly seek medical advice.

A child what are the symptoms?

Viruses are everywhere, children suffering from foot and mouth disease virus had more than 20 kinds of enterovirus type 71 and Coxsackievirus A16 are most common. Parents will be carrying these viruses home, and close contact with children, this could make the children suffer from foot and mouth disease. In addition, the children go to crowded places, such as nurseries, supermarkets, shopping malls and other places, after exposure to these viruses, is particularly exposed to itself in children with hand, foot and mouth disease, herpes oral secretions fluid and contaminated toys, bottles, tableware and other items, and can even spread through respiratory droplets. So just a little lack of attention to hygiene, it is possible to let the children infected with hand, foot and mouth disease.

Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center said Xu Yi, Director of the infectious disease section, if the parents in the child's hand, the arch, anal, oral herpes and other parts found small red, painless; some children in oral Herpes part, affects a child's eating kids will also appear on the elbow, shoulder, knee and other parts of a rash. When these symptoms are found, suggested that parents take children to hospital immediately confirmed.

Xu Yi stressed that children suffering from hand, foot and mouth disease, may also have the next time. Adults rarely have hand, foot and mouth disease in General, and most of them are obtained through latent infection in the corresponding antibodies, but children are different, their immune system is not perfect, higher probability of infection. At present, have found more than 20 kinds of intestinal virus can cause hand, foot and mouth disease, a child over a period of time, there may be a lot of onset. In other words, only after a certain type of infection in children with viral immunity, no cross immunity against type virus infection, after that hand, foot and mouth disease may also be due to other types of viruses while having hand-foot-mouth disease again.

B sick what should I do?

Once parents find children suffering from foot and mouth disease, should be in isolation for at least 2 weeks. Generally not too serious as long as children with isolation at home resting, and the use of detoxification medicines, full recovery in 7-10 days, vesicles also does not leave a scar.

Xu Yi said that a small number of cases of children with development-oriented. Hand, foot and mouth cases of seriously ill patients with fat at the age of 5, in particular children under 3 years of age, within the first five days of the onset, persistent fever, no refund (over 38.5 ° c), vomiting, poor spirit, sensitivity to jump, cold extremities and other symptoms. These severe foot-and-mouth disease can cause encephalitis and meningoencephalitis, encephalomyelitis, leading to complications such as pulmonary edema, and should seek medical advice, through timely treatment, most children can still be recovered, will also reduce the chances of neurological sequelae.

Need tips to parents is that when children with home quarantine, parents should pay close attention to children with the condition, and to try to avoid contact with other children. Children's clothes can be washed in sun exposure, can kill the virus. And 56 ° c hot water can eliminate enteric viruses in half an hour, kids ' toys, glass bottles can be sterilized with boiling water.

C how should parents be prevented?

Hand, foot and mouth disease in children between infections. Xu Yi said that hand-foot-mouth disease primarily by the fecal-oral route infections, contact with oral secretions, the herpes fluid in children with severe constipation as well as contaminated toys, bottles, tableware and other items can be infected with hand, foot and mouth disease, even transmitted by respiratory droplets. Strong precisely because the contagious hand-foot-mouth disease, contagious various forms and spread quickly, causing a pandemic in a short time. Thus to the onset of the peak, in kindergarten kids not paying attention will fall.

At present, no effective drug treatment of hand-foot-mouth disease, there's no vaccine to prevent good health habits are important means of effective prevention of hand, foot and mouth disease. During a seasonal to parents note that these measures can help reduce the chance of their child suffering from foot and mouth disease –

(1) before meals back, going after young and old, to wash hands with SOAP or hand wash, do not allow children to drink water, eat cold foods, avoid contact with sick children;

(2) parents, nannies before contact with children, in particular to feed children in the former, for very young children should wash their hands after changing diapers, handling manure, and properly handle the dirt;

(3) the infants using baby bottles, pacifiers should be adequately cleaned before and after use; toys should be regularly cleaned, disinfected, and avoid the child be placed in the mouth to bite;

(4) hand, foot and mouth disease epidemic period should not be taking children to crowded public places, poor air circulation, pay attention to maintaining household sanitation, indoor ventilation often, regular clothes.

(5) parents may also be carriers of the virus (but no incidence in adults), so you should wash your hands before the baby.


Beginning in April is in full swing

In Guangzhou, throughout the year is not clear, most of the season is warm and humid, which greatly facilitates the growth and reproduction of the virus. Therefore, hand, foot and mouth disease in Guangzhou have become very common.

Xu Yi said, starting from 3 April, hand, foot and mouth disease into the first peak. Guangzhou women and children's Medical Center children's hospital visits in one day of 200 cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, including diagnosis and referral of children with new. By July or August or September to the second peak, until November, you'll encounter a small peak. All told, almost half a year in Guangzhou are all at the high incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease. 9-October, due to the dry weather, ultraviolet light strongly, viruses are sensitive to ultraviolet, could soon be killing. Thus, when the weather is a lot of sunlight, the incidence of hand-foot-mouth disease will be reduced